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OneUp EDC Tool and Pump Overview

OneUp EDC Tool and Pump Overview

The OneUP EDC is an Integrated tool solution that stores a multi tool, chain breaker, spoke key, tire lever, and more in a compact package.

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Long Term Camp / Bushcraft Kit Review

Long Term Camp / Bushcraft Kit Review

Viewer requested reviews of my long term kit, Including the LL bean continental Rucksack, Silky Saw, Condor Knife, Bushbox and more.


Wells Lamont Gloves:

Camp Chair:

Bushbox Xl Ti:

Bushbox LF:

Silky BigBoy:

Solognac Clothing:
Decathon (solognac):

Therm-a-rest pillow (looks like a newer version):

Condor Bushlore:


Buffy Wool Hat:!/Buffy-Hats/c/26223815/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

LL Bean – Continental:

Music: Plantation – Audionautix

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ESEE Pocket Survival Kit Review

ESEE Pocket Survival Kit Review

Choosing the right gear is important as is learning how to use it! I give you my professional opinion on the ESEE Pocket Survival kit. This is a high level review of the items in the kit based on my knowledge of using items in this kit. Stay tuned for a field review of this kit where I will use each item.

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The Best Hunting Knives? | Knife Banter Ep. 67

The Best Hunting Knives? | Knife Banter Ep. 67

It’s hunting season! We wanted to show you guys some of the best knives for cleaning game and we brought some experts in for their opinions. Check out hunting knives here:–Hunting-Knives–1517?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_campaign=bhq-10-5-2018-hunting%20knives%20kb&utm_term=best%20hunting%20knives%3F%20%7C%20knife%20banter%20ep.%2067&utm_content=hunting%20knives%20cat

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Survival Knife Showdown: Becker KA-BAR BK-16 vs ESEE-4 – KnifeCenter Reviews

Survival Knife Showdown: Becker KA-BAR BK-16 vs ESEE-4 – KnifeCenter Reviews

When the chips are down, which survival knife do you reach for? We present to you the Becker KA-BAR BK-16 and the widely customizable ESEE-4 Sound off in the comments!

Ethan Becker has long been known for his collaboration with KA-BAR, and the BK-16 is one of the finest examples. Meanwhile, the offshoot of Randal’s Adventure Training, the ESEE-4, offers plenty of customization. Both are thoughtfully designed for the outdoors, so which one gets your hard-earned dollar?

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Civivi Chronic Knife Review | The Good & The Bad

Civivi Chronic Knife Review | The Good & The Bad

Today we review a brand new Civivi model, the Civivi Chronic. This large size g10 / 9cr18mov Knife is a great edc option and can discreetly ride in your pocket with a high level of comfort. We hope you enjoy our take on this new Civivi and please enjoy a list of our other favorite Civivi Knives below!

Civivi Chronic-

Our favorite Civivi Knives (these are affiliate links that we directly earn from, they are selected by us and are NOT sponsored)

Civivi Elementum-

Civivi Hooligan-

Civivi Backlash-

Civivi McKenna-

Civivi Piccaro-

Civivi Chronic-

Civivi Shredder-

Civivi Incite-

Civivi Durus-
Below is a list of some Neeve’s endorsed products and knives for purchase. These are links that are chosen personally by Jerad and I, they are not sponsored by the companies in any way. We do however, profit from the use of these Amazon Affiliate Links. Enjoy!



Buck Marksman –

Benchmade Griptillian –

Bestech Goblin

Cold Steel Code 4 –

Cold Steel AD10 –

Cold Steel AD15 –

Chris Reeve Knives Small Sebenza 21 –




Kershaw Natrix

Kershaw Natrix COPPER

Kizer T1 –

Kizer LARGE Domin –

Kizer LARGE Beglieter –

Kizer Rouge –

Kubey Eris


KUBEY 233 G10

SOG Terminous XR

Spyderco PM2 –

TwoSun TS16

TwoSun TS49

TwoSun TS 81

TwoSun TS 111

TwoSunTS 134

TwoSun TS136

TwoSun TS128

TwoSun TS169

Western Active Honey Badger –

ZT 0770






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Best Chef Knife under $160? | Dalstrong Omega Chef Knife Review & Test

Best Chef Knife under $160? | Dalstrong Omega Chef Knife Review & Test

We put the Dalstrong Omega Series Chef Knife (Kiritsuke) to the test.

***** Check out the Dalstrong Omega Kiritsuke on Amazon here 👉

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📒Video Notes and Resources 📒

1️⃣ Dalstrong Omega Chef Knife on Amazon:

2️⃣ Wusthof Grand Prix Series II on Amazon:

3️⃣ Links to Other Dalstrong Knives
Crusader series 8″ chef knife:
Shadow series 8″ chef knife:
Gladiator series 8″ chef knife:
Phantom series 9.5″ chef knife:
Shogun series 8″ chef knife:

4️⃣ Cut Gloves & Nitrile Gloves on Amazon:
Cut resistant gloves:
Nitrile gloves:

Other Video Links
Shun brand:
Enso brand:
Masamoto brand:
Dalstrong brand:
Wusthof Grand Prix II 8″ chef knife:
Shun Premier 8″ chef knife:
Shun Dual Core 10.5″ Yanagiba:
Shun Pro 6.5″ Usuba knife:
Cutting Board by

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In this video, David Gafford from The Barbecue Lab gets hands on with the Dalstrong Omega Kiritsuke Knife. If you are looking for the best grilling tools and accessories, check out our gear buying guide.

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Off Grid Knife Unboxing

Off Grid Knife Unboxing

Off-Grid Knives Scorpion –

My Amazon store! – The VERY BEST knives & gear!

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Want to purchase some of the very best EDC folding knives and gear? Use these Amazon Affiliate links!


Spyderco Shaman –

Spyderco Kapara CQI UPDATED –

Spyderco Para 3 Light Weight –

Spyderco Para 3 G10 –

Spyderco Delica –

Spyderco SpydieChef –

Spyderco PM2 –

Spyderco Manix 2 –

Spyderco Yojimbo 2 –


Benchmade Bugout Blue/Satin –

Benchmade Bugout OD/Gray –

Benchmade Bugout Black/Black –

Benchmade “Super Freek” 560-1 M4/G10 –

Benchmade Griptilian LARGE S30V –

Benchmade Griptilian SMALL S30V –

Benchmade Griptilian LARGE G10/20CV –

Benchmade Griptilian SMALL G10/20CV –

Benchmade Anthem Integral –

Benchmade 940 –

Benchmade 940-1 –

Benchmade 940-2 –

Benchmade Crooked River (LARGE) –

Benchmade Crooked River (SMALL) –

Benchmade 810 Contego –

Benchmade Barage 581 M390 –


ZT 0562 CF –

ZT 0562 TI –

ZT 0456 –

ZT 0640 –

ZT 0095 –

ZT 0393 GLCF –

ZT 0223 –

ZT 0801TI –


Cold Steel American Lawman –

Cold Steel AD-10 –

Cold Steel Code 4 –



Ontario Rat 1 D2 (LARGE) –

Ontario Rat 2 D2 (SMALL) –

Spyderco Tenacious –

Bestech Lion –

Bestech Paladin –

Bestech Swordfish –

Bestech Barracuda –

CIVIVI Backlash –

CIVIVI Brigand –

CIVIVI Praxis –

CIVIVI Statera –

Kershaw Link –

Kershaw Blur –

Kershaw Knockout –

Kershaw Skyline –

Kershaw Bareknuckle –

Ruike P801 –

Cold Steel Tufflite-

Steel Will Tenet –

Steel Will Shaula –


Leatherman Wave+ –

Leatherman Surge Stainless –

Leatherman Surge Black –

Leatherman Charge TTI –


Spyderco Knives –

Benchmade Knives –

ZT Knives –

Cold Steel Knives –

Kershaw Knives –

Kizer Knives –

Civivi Knives –

WE Knives –

CRKT Knives –

TWOSUN Knives –

Bestech Knives –

Steel Will Knives –

Ganzo Knives –

Gerber Knives –

Boker Knives –

Buck Knives –

Victorinox / Swiss Army Knives –

Leatherman Multi Tools –


My display case –



Wiha 1/4″ Torx Bit Selector –

Wiha Stubby 1/4″ bit driver –

242 Blue Loctite –

10 weight Nano-Oil –


Kershaw PT-1 EDC prybar / bottle opener –

Fisher Space Trekker pen –

Rovyvon Aurora A3 USB rechargable flashlight –

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The Monterey Bay Knives XLC Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Monterey Bay Knives XLC Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that pairs minimalist design with minimalist construction, resulting in maximal awesomeness, the Monterey Bay Knives (MBK) and Ray Laconico XLC.

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TrustFire MC1 EDC Flashlight Kit Review!

TrustFire MC1 EDC Flashlight Kit Review!

Here is a new EDC flashlight kit from TrustFire with their MC1. This features a USB charging option. This comes with a 16340 cell. This also has a two way clip. This has a magnetic tail cap for easy placement on metal surfaces. This can put out 1000 lumens on high. This also use the world famous Cree XP-L HI LED for nice flood beam coverage. This is small enough to carry on yourself or hide. This would be a great tiny head lamp if you wear a baseball cap etc. If you want to get this you can check out link below and clip the coupon to save 12% of this kit in their Amazon store: (Clip the coupon to save 12% off while supplies last!)

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