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Samura Segun chef knife Review – Japanese AUS10

Samura Segun chef knife Review – Japanese AUS10

In this video, I’m reviewing a Samura Segun chef knife with a full tang handle and with a claimed imported Japanese AUS10.

Specifications of the Samura Segun chef knife:

Samura Segun chef knife from Tuo Cutlery:
Weight: 227g
Handle: G10
Rivets: 3 normal rivets
Handle length: 120mm
Blade length: 203mm
Blade width: 42mm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Material: Japanese AUS10
Core Material: Japanese AUS10
HRC: 59/60 (ignore the claim from the seller that it is 62hrc).

The store I bought the Samura Segun chef knife:

Other knives from the same store Tuo Cutlery:

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The Animator's Survival Kit – Book Review

The Animator's Survival Kit – Book Review

The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams. This is THE book to read for learning how to animate.

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The Animator’s Survival Kit covers all the principles of animation. It’s written in a conversational style that’s easy for beginners to understand. There’s a lot of examples of walk cycles, making breakdown drawings, keyframes and inbetweens, anticipation, and much more.

The drawings are simple when demonstrating key concepts. More technical drawings are presented towards the end of the book. Williams never imposes a particular style on the reader – he explains the techniques of animation in a way that allows the reader to adapt it to their own style.

Some of the working methods as applied to traditional cel-animation are outdated in today’s digital world, but the methods of animation are all here. Highly recommended to all animators, including 3D artists. It’s worth rereading over and over. Even if only 10% of the information sticks with you the first flip through, it will improve your understanding of animation drastically.

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Gerber Principle USA Made Bushcraft Knife Review

Gerber Principle   USA Made Bushcraft Knife Review

The Gerber Principle is a US Made Knife that’s excellent for Bushcrafters, Survival and the Outdoors. Thanks to Gerber for Sending the Principle.
#GerberPrinciple #Bushcraft # Knifereview

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Razor-Lite EDC from Outdoor Edge: Everyday Carry Razor Blade in Knife Form

Razor-Lite EDC from Outdoor Edge: Everyday Carry Razor Blade in Knife Form

The Razor-Lite EDC Knife is built to be a usable, razor-sharp (literally) option in the form of an everyday carry knife. This thing comes really sharp – as you’d expect – so be careful. I tested in a variety of ways, even in ways I probably wouldn’t normally use it, and it worked well. If you need a slicing option for everyday carry and you want something you can swap out to get a new sharp edge in quickly, this might be the one for you.

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edc review

EDC Update 2020

EDC Update 2020

EDC or Everyday Carry. Here’s my 2020 EDC Update.

Sig P365
Armor Guard Holster
NAA Pug 22 WMR
Microtech L.U.D.T.
Olight S1R Baton
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NineLine Leather Wallet
Maxpedition Tactical Pen
Minuteman Watch
Magpul Phone Case
Griffin Tool
Olight i1r EOS
Daltech Force Bull Leather Belt
Kore Essentials Belt
Xtra Mag

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smith and wesson knife review | Dereks Version

smith and wesson knife review | Dereks Version

Smith and Wesson makes some of the finest firearms in the world.

I was in Walmart the other day looking at knives and i guess they make branded knives now!

today i take an in depth look and test out their 3″ folding knife to see if it cuts the mustard so to speak!

Green Leaves by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

survival kit review

GEAR REVIEW: Sol Origin Survival Kit

GEAR REVIEW: Sol Origin Survival Kit

Dan reviews this 6.5oz survival kit that comes in a waterproof case.

knife review

Leather Knife Review How to Cut Thin and Thick Leather With Craftsman Trimming Knives

Leather Knife Review How to Cut Thin and Thick Leather With Craftsman Trimming Knives

Leather Knife Review How to Cut Thin and Thick Leather With Craftsman Trimming Knives. This leather knife review will show you how easily a craftsman trimming knife can cut leather both thick and thin. A leather tool such as this is my go too knife I use on a daily basis for leather crafting and saddle making. The blades in this leather knife are easily changed out by unscrewing the handle to release the blade so the new blade can be put in. Whether you are making leather knife sheaths are gun holsters or even western saddles a leather knife like this is a must.
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Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft #brucecheaneyleathercraft

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Tooling and Carving Leather

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Metal Working – Handmade Tools for Dapping and Doming and Bending Steel Loops

Homemade Metal Working Tools

Handmade Things Metal, Steel, Silver, and Leather
Belt Grinder Homemade 2″x72″ Shop Made Sander Grinder 2 x 72 for Metal Working

Brazing Steel Soldering Tutorial with Solder and Flux by The Harris Products Group


Tandy Leather Industrial Knife Handle with two Blades

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Imalent LD10 EDC Flashlight Kit Review!

Imalent LD10 EDC Flashlight Kit Review!

Here is the Imalent LD10 EDC flashlight. This feature an OLED display for current light level and battery life. The display is easy to read. This also uses the world famous Cree XP-L HI LED for an amazing combination beam performance. The magnetic charging feature makes this easy to charge on the go. The 18350 battery is not replaceable. This makes for a perfect size EDC light. According to Imalent this can be used as a key chain light which to me personally its a bit big. The style and design of this light is smooth & sleek. The diffuser is great for table top use, including hanging it via the lanyard to illuminate a large room during an emergency or camping. This can be purchased for under $30. See link below to their Amazon store: (You can use my special discount code: Charles BridgTec to save you $$!)

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Fox Knives Combat Jungle Knife Review

Fox Knives Combat Jungle Knife Review

Fox knives FKMD Combat jungle the FX133 review after extensive field testing in real outdoor conditions. A great designed knife.
Made in Maniago Italy

Blade N690 (I’m always saying six nine oh LOL) but of course mean ZER O! This is a great Cobalt martensitic stainless tool steel from Bohler (ok they have changed their name) the Austrian manufacturer.

FOX Knives have taken this excellent steel given it a very practical shape based on an old Molletta /NEXUS knives design (V famous knife designer-Google the name) and added Micarta handle scales (i’d prefer G10- just for the colour range), which are very grippy wet or dry hands. The tang is machined out but strong, with two small Allen bolts securing the scales. This is a beefy drop point-like blade with a good ergonomic feel to it. It does not want to leave your hand when you swing it, came deadly razor sharp out of the box, and stayed razor sharp during my testing. I hit a small rock around the fire once and had to slightly touch up the damage, in the field, no big deal.

Anti-reflective teflon coating is good but of course will start to wear with hard use after a bit over a month. This is not an issue. Interestingly I don’t see any HRC specs on FOX’s web sites but when they did publish this it was at 58-60.

This model is not new however, I’ve had my eye on it for a while as the design said practical big knife for serious camping in the wilds. I don’t carry saws (all the time) and I don’t use axes or hatchets at all- yet) so I like a 7 inch blade or so for long trips and the Fox Combat Jungle didn’t disappoint me.

There are only a couple of non commercial videos on YouTube showing this knife and that’s a shame, so this is what inspired me to do this in depth review.


To change the mount, i.e. either left or right handed you remove the inner plastic rigid liner (screw at base of sheath) and reverse it.

If you worry about what the surface looks like after hard use (I don’t because i’m actually using knives, not cutting paper) then the Teflon type coating will wear over time usage dependent.

I’ll be taking the Combat Jungle to the jungle later this year I hope.

There is a I year warranty against manufacturers defects. I’d like to see this a bit longer but I guess this all adds money to the overall final cost of the product. They probably figure if a defect is going to show it will be within a year of usage.

I also blog about this knife here: