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The Herman Knives Dragonfly Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Herman Knives Dragonfly Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that’s big and beefy, but really exceptionally machined, with some amazing details: the Herman Knives Dragonfly (here provided by

knife review

WORK SHARP Pivot Pro REVIEW | Knife Sharpener

WORK SHARP Pivot Pro REVIEW | Knife Sharpener

Today we are looking at the Worksharp pivot pro sharpener. When I saw this at Blade Show West 2019 I knew that I had to get my hands on it and try it out for the channel, it’s incredibly affordable and has is great at utilizing all parts of the tool! I will be keeping mine at the cabin.

Pivot Pro Knife Sharpener

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knife review

Giant Mouse Vox Anso Ace Clyde – Overview and Review

Giant Mouse Vox Anso Ace Clyde – Overview and Review

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knife review

Best Bushcraft Knife? – Varusteleka Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 Knife – Review

Best Bushcraft Knife? – Varusteleka Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 Knife – Review

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You all have seen this knife in action for a while now and here comes the review! This is the Varusteleka Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 with leather sheath.

Link :

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Price : 54.99 USD with the sheath – $30 with no SHEATH

Leather Sheath – plastic insert – double folded leather
Very strong
Excellent seams and stitching
Snap retention – when walking around camp, it doesn’t have to be snapped – tight enough to keep it secure
Leather belt loop
Very ridged

High scandi grind
Rubber texturize handle
Tacky. Doesn’t slide around – tough, has lasted my months of use.
Wet or dry, very secure
I like the palm swell
Feels awesome
Full tang
Lanyard hole – Pummel
Sharp spine – finger nail
Fine quality carbon steel, traditional Finnish puukko blade profile with a slight drop point and a practical grind guarantee a razor sharp knife straight out of the box, and it’s easy to maintain too. This is the shorter model, blade length 110 mm.

The Jääkäri (or Jaeger for you foreign devils, the name derives from the backbone infantry of the Finnish army) is nothing fancier than a very simple, very practical puukko knife. The Jääkäri is a buddy you can trust to get the job done and you don´t need to be too careful either, these are built for use.

Steel: Carbon Steel 80CrV2 59 HRC
Blade Length: 4.3″ or 110 mm
Blade Height: 1″ or 26 mm
Blade Thickness: .157″ or 4 mm
Blade Edge: 23 Degree Scandi with micro secondary bevel
Spine Edge: 90 Degree
Handle: Full Tang
Handle Material: Direct Molded Textured Rubber
Overall Length: 9.5″ or 240 mm
Weight (w/out sheath) 6.17 oz. or 175 g.
Traditional and proven functional Finnish puukko profile. The thickness of 4 mm makes this a bit more robust than most old timey traditional Finnish puukkos. The grind is a scandi grind with a tiny secondary bevel, truly the most common type of puukko grind.


These knives sale VERY quickly so you will need to move quickly if you want one.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely! It is everything that a good forest knife needs to be.

Sharp. Simple. Rugged. Inexpensive.

If this version is sold out at the time that you are watching it, I have included a link to the other knives that are for sale. There are numerous versions including longer ones which you may want to consider.

This is one of the most impressive knives that I have seen and used in a long time. For the money, I’m not sure if I can think of a better product that would compare to it. In my book, this knife is trust worthy and I would equally consider it just as good as any Mora! That says a lot!

Out of the box it does through sparks and mine has done very well but I have seen comments from others whose spine has been slightly rounded.

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UK MoD 4 Survival Knife Review: Very Disappointing!

UK MoD 4 Survival Knife Review: Very Disappointing!

I purchased this Ministry of Defence Type 4 survival knife while I lived in Scotland. I was so excited to purchase this knife; but now, my excited feelings have subsided, and I am disappointed (if not a bit angry). This knife does not have the quality I would expect necessary for a military issued survival knife. It is a 4-out-of-10 at best.

Thanks for watching! Blessings!


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The Marbles Cleaver is a great budget cleaver. The blade held up to the testing tray beat-down. The price is unbeatable for this nearly indestructible cleaver.

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5.11 Tactical Push Pack Review: Great For Your EDC

5.11 Tactical Push Pack Review: Great For Your EDC

1050D weather resistant nylon
Removable strap padding
VELCRO® brand fastener nametape and flag patches
Aero foam back padding for comfort

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Civivi Governor

Civivi Governor

Another slam dunk for Civivi.

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Top 10 Must Have Outdoor Survival Gear Part-1

Top 10 Must Have Outdoor Survival Gear Part-1

Outdoor activity can take a negative turn all of a sudden and you better be prepared for that. In this video we have listed 10 best Outdoor Survival Gear that anyone should have so that they can keep their friends, family and themselves safe all the time. There are lots of Outdoor Survival Gear available in the market and this video will guide you to know exactly what type of gears you might need and should have in outdoor tours.

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Top 10 Survival gear and Gadgets for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting & Outdoor List: –
1. Motion Grade MS5 EDC Kit 15:57
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2.Jackfish Survival Titanium Credit Card Holder 15:12
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3. RediBags 72 Emergency Kit 12:40
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4. Survival Bow 08:40
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5. Gerber Fixed Blade 07:23
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6. Etekcity 1500L Water Filter 05:22
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7. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt 04:39
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8. Eat’N Tool 03:04
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9. Adjustable Survival Bracelet 01:30
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10. Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 00:18
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Top 10: Best Bushcraft Knife For Survival & Outdoor

Top 10: Best Bushcraft Knife For Survival & Outdoor

Top 10 Best Bushcraft Knives For Survival & Outdoor
Are you looking for the best bushcraft knife for survival & outdoor of 2019? These are some of the best bushcraft knives for survival & outdoor we found so far:

✅1. Morakniv Garberg
✅2. Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion
✅3. Hogue EX-F02 Fixed Tanto Blade Knife
✅4. Schrade SCHF51M Frontier
✅5. Condor Selknam Knife
Bushcraft is one of the most popular outdoor activities today. Going out into the woods with a minimal amount of gear to become one with nature. Bushcraft is so much more than building a fire: it is a way of life. It is a philosophy. A way in which you can test your own ingenuity and work creatively. Bushcraft is impossible without a knife. However, there are so many bushcraft knives that it can become difficult to make the right choice. For that reason we would love to tell you more about how you choose a bushcraft knife.
The right gear in your backpack can literally save your life. If the worst day of your life happens to be a survival situation, then you’d better be stocked with the best gear available. When it comes to the latest and greatest survival gear, it’s important to do your research and make sure you have the right tool for the job.
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