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Victorinox Compact Swiss Army Knife Unboxing and Review for EDC


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Thanks for sharing.
I been carrying the compact as my edc pocket knife for the last 5 years. It's my favorite sak along with the Deluxe Tinker.
That can opener works great, the difference is that this one works backwards when opening a can, the other ones work forward to open the can.
For me, this one is easier.

I own the climber I've had it since 1999 in the process of upgrading the scales to a plus translucent green version I already have the pen & the straight pin the goes inside the corkscrew holder along with the screwdriver for the corkscrew mine originally only just came with the toothpick & tweezers

I have lots of SAKs. I picked this one up on a whim and now it's my favorite daily carry!

2:46 the one on the compact looks more like a bottle opener than a can opener since it has no sharp edge.

Watched with sound off, but still found it useful to see how it works. Would appreciate metric measurements on future reviews, thanks.

Great video and great knife … I have 2 and of all my 24 SAK's It's the most practical with the best tool set for the size … FYI it is wider than a 2 layer Spartan though … More like 2.5 layers

The combo tool is waaay better for actually opening cans, and the knife itself is cooler because it is thinner. I love my Bantam and Walker.

What you said at the end got me thinking. Wouldn't it be cool if you could special order a knife? Check off what you want, scale material, externals, etc. You'd have a knife with what you want, without the extra weight and space from the stuff you'd never use.

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