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The CRKT Tailbone Fixed Blade Knife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a very weird idea, which is also quite compelling, the CRKT Tailbone.

27 replies on “The CRKT Tailbone Fixed Blade Knife: A Quick Shabazz Review”

I'm not sure "different" necessarily translates to "interesting". All of the stability of a stiff rope, and with added blade play! Something for both folding and fixed blade fans to dislike?

I could see this knife showing up in second hand stores next to Batman and Harley Davidson knives.

Strange concept… going to stay with my folders for EDC and fixed when I'm out camping.

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The short length, finger hole and lanyard sheath affair says "neck knife" to me. Usually a neck knife gets used only once in a while, for emergencies, and backup. The steel doesn't have to be too awesome, as long as it isn't fragile.

Gotta give them a lot of credit for innovation. The Provoke Karambit, Deadbolt lock, field strip technology and now this. Way to go Cricket!
Also the Bona Fide is a major improvement over the OG Homefront so maybe the next version of this little guy will be better too.
Thanks Nick!

I've seen this one before and assumed it was just a wrapped fixed blade. It's interesting, but I have to ask, is it still a fixed blade with a floppy tang?

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