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Serge Knives Slipjoint Razor/ EDC Knife Review and Testing

Serge Knives Slipjoint Razor/ Full Review and Testing #SergeKnives #slipjoint #review

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5 replies on “Serge Knives Slipjoint Razor/ EDC Knife Review and Testing”

Saw this awhile back . Why in the world would you use T6 screws for the razor blade. This is something you are going to be changing all the time. And we all know T6 screws strip and wear out.

Its a bougie, rich man's box cutter…lol
Not taking anything from Serge, it is pretty cool but damn that $115. You can get a box cutter that holds those blades, 5 of them, and an auto loader so you don't need to look for more blades, for about $20.

This is an interesting idea !! I use a TealeDesigns fixed blade style razor knife . I love it .

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