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Knife Review | Monterey Bay Knives Fieldtrekker

In this video I give my full thoughts and opinions on the Monterey Bay Knives Fieldtrekker, an awesome fixed blade offering from MBK!

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2 replies on “Knife Review | Monterey Bay Knives Fieldtrekker”

The Fieldtrekker is a great looking knife and looks like super EDC fixed blade!! Thanks Alex!

I want one. It's a sweet looking knife. Problem is there is also a couple Bark River Knives I also want. So many knives, so few dollars in my wallet, lol. I do have the full sized OG by MBK, and I really do like it, so I'm sure the Fieldtrekker would be great as well. I'm a fan of 3V for fixed blades. Most of my Bark River collection is in 3V, and they all have performed excellent. Tough as hell and holds an edge for a pretty long time. As long as it's heat treated well, it performs very well.

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