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Lumintop EDC AAA Flashlight Review!

Here is the tiny Lumintop EDC AAA flashlight bundle. Can be used as a little table lamp when used with included diffuser. Great for emergencies as well. This is all run on a single AAA cell. You can use 1.5v alkaline, Ni-MH and lithium cells. This is great for EDC. This is sporting the Cree XP-G3 LED plus its magnified lens creates a very wide flood beam. Performance is impressive. Solid build quality is top notch. Looks are sharp and great detail went into this tiny light. See link below and discount code will be added soon:

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6 replies on “Lumintop EDC AAA Flashlight Review!”

How does it compare to the olight i3e eos? That’s what I have now and it’s been the end all so for for me. Super bright for a aaa light.

Much prefer these ,to lights like the rovyvon and tiki that you have to throw away once the battery gives up. This disposable mentality drives me up the wall. Good on lumintop . The tube was the last inbuilt battery light I bought 18 months then in the bin

Love the style and design! I wish more light manufacturers would throw in a glow in the dark defuser. I think my only gripe is the fact the it's a twist operated user interface.Was never a fan of that. Go lumintop!

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