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KnifeJoy Exclusive Spyderco Slysz Bowie Unboxing!

In this video I unbox my new Spyderco Slysz Bowie Knifejoy exclusive!

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19 replies on “KnifeJoy Exclusive Spyderco Slysz Bowie Unboxing!”

Are there gonna be more of these? I didn’t even know this model was having another run.

Nice knife! Honeslty I would be a little upset seeing the discoloration on the ano after paying $400 but that is just me.

Flip it for $600 and put it towards something nicer. You know you need multiple deployment methods and it doesn’t middle finger flick worth a damn. No fidget factor.

I would love to get one, but absolutely could afford it at this time. Kinda like the Spydiechef once you learn how to flick it it will work fine.

The biggest complaints I've seen is the ano and finish which baffles me because the best part about owning knives are modding them.. simply remove ano and finish the scales the way u want ! its that easy

It is harder to get to the hole for spydieflicking than my Chef, but it flys open on the thumb flick. That ano gets dirty faster than any ano I have ever seen. It looks dingy really quick. I may end up stripping the ano. I can always reano if I feel like it.

Happy you were able to get one! I heard there will be more runs and I'll try down the road to snatch one.

I’m usually a spydie-flicker myself!!!! However, with my Slysz swayback and Bowie, I find a lot of satisfaction and fidgetability with a thumb flick! Hope you find that as well! Slysz Bowie is one of those knives that I never really thought I’d love, but it continues to find its way in my pocket, and I totally dig it!!!!

As soon as you said it I looked to change signature required on my UPS delivery 😆

I could see myself paying $250 for this. Maybe a bit more. It doesn’t seem much nicer than the Spydiechef, expect maybe for the crowned spine. Doesn’t seem like a $400 knife. I could see myself enjoying it, especially as a lefty. But not for $400, let alone the price it goes for on the secondary.

It’s certainly not for spydieflicking (as much as I hate it) I wish they gave us more access to the hole. I’m ambidextrous, so I’ll just use my left hand 😂

Spyderco hype Bowie, this is better because is blue. Runs hyped steel one of the bests choices.

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