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232 Piece Survival Kit – Amazon Review

I just got my 232 piece Survival kit that I ordered from Amazon. Holy Cow there is a lot in this kit.

I do think my favorite thing is the tactical pen. The power of the pen is amazing.

Product description:
NAPASA Survival Kit 232 pcs Professional Survival Gear Emergency Tactical First Aid Kit Outdoor Trauma Bag for Men Women Adventure Camping Hiking Hunting

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I'll be honest bud. It may have a lot of pieces as for quality it's pretty bad. 2 multitools and a folding knife. A mora can replace these and will be cheaper and more reliable. Tactical pen is useless. Compasses have serious errors. Those wire saws break frequently.
Seems like that they covered everything but when you'll actually need to use them they'll fail. This is quantity over quality.
I'd say assemble your own kit. It may be not as many pieces as this one but it will be reliable. Your own assembled 50 pcs kit will be far better than this Chinese junk.
I'm a new friend on your channel. Hope you'll be on mine too 😊🤝✌

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