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The Hinderer Knives XM-18 3" Non-Flipper Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at what happens when you take a classic, and remove one of its least compelling elements, all adding up to a knife that’s a major improvement.

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I picked up my first Hinderer about a week ago. XM18 3.5” w/ flipper. It will be a keeper for me. Thanks for reviews…solid as always.

Hey Nick, great review as usual. Have you ever thought about doing firearm reviews? THAT would be awesome lol.

Hey Nicolás, cómo estás ❓ That no flipper variant is gorgeous. Great review as always.👌🙂

In my experience grip sensitive knives have a lockbar that’s flush or close to flush with the scales (when closed).
The lockbar rises above the scales when deploying the knife this increases the pressure on the detent ball making the knife harder to open.
It’s a very common design flaw that’s s often almost impossible to completely fix.

I wish they made more non flipper versions. Especially the slicer grinds. I would LOVE to own a non flipper skinny slicer 3.5 XM-18. But even if they do drop some they will likely sell out in half a second and be on eBay 30 minutes later for twice the price….

I swear once you've seen one hinderer you've seen them all. He rarely moves from what he knows. Drop-point folders with a lot of jimping, thumb-studs and speedsafe. I got 3 and they all feel basically the same.

How come no one talks about the fact that these “tri-way” knives straight up only work with the bearings. I’ve had 3 hinderers now and hung on to 1. All of them tested with all of the pivot options even polished the bronze and nothing but crap movement. Wasn’t able to flip any of them with anything but bearings. The knives were xm3.5 half track and eclipse. Edit – also yes I tried working them in. I am a sucker for a good phosphor bronze action but this is almost false advertising

I’ve never understood the pocket pecker problem. Am I the only one that doesn’t put anything else in my knife pocket? The only time I go in there is to draw the knife. No pecking to be had.

I’ve never thought hinderer knives were that attractive. Functional sure. Not anything special to look at

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