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Knife Review: Opinel #6 Inox – Practically Perfect EDC

Hey peeps! Here’s a little thrown together review of the Opinel #6 Inox with Walnut handle. One of the few knives I would describe as a practically perfect EDC knife for the lay person.

What’s not to love? It’s lightweight, cheap, perfect size, easy to use, low maintenance and takes a wicked sharp edge.

It ticks basically every box! And for the cost I would challenge you to find a better value knife.

For those who already own Opinels I have no doubt this isn’t news to you… But for those on the fence about buying one, go for it! You won’t regret it.

Thanks for watching!

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I have run the full gambit of EDC knives…from Opinel to Swiss Army to Southern Grind to Cris Reeve and many in between. After much soul searching I now carry Ohta friction folders and Opinel knives. If I need something more I carry a small, non-folder like an Izula. Most everything else is for silly and just for show (cough cough my Grimsmo Norseman) 🙂

merci de mettre en avant ce couteau qui est pour moi un des meilleurs au monde.
jean luc.

N°08 is perfect size to my palm… I have N°06 in my tool box… Such inexpensive great knife.

Ik heb al jaren een nr 10 die ik in een schede om mijn nek draag, uit de weg en niemand die ut ziet !!!! Opa

Hello to France. All young boy living in French got for birthday a Opinel! our first Knife! Thank's for your vidéo.

I got an opinel no4 since I needed a small knife and urs great will defo get the no5 ,no6 as well

The only reason it's not my EDC,is the vibrolock,which sadly makes is an illegal carry here in the UK

Just subscribed, great video and great lanyard. I’m really thinking about getting the number 6 size. I’ve had the number 8 in the past and found it very annoying in the pocket. Good luck growing your channel man. You got this!

Opinel 6 was been the EDC of my grandfather for all his Life. Now After a Very lot of knife i used; i return to the origin and i bought One of these too

Liking your vids… but this knife, aghhh I don’t get it. Opinel just do nothing for me, don’t like the handle, don’t like the blade shape, think the whole thing is just unpleasant. Nice video all the same 👍🏻

Great edc review of the number #6, i'm about to get the same one as it seems to be the perfect size and super handy. I've seen a review by a cook who use it as one of his main knife for precise tasks like cutting garlic etc. at work. There are also people who slowly boil them in oil (30min max with gentle fire) to get the blade out quicker Cheers!

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