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This Knife Was Made for Self Defense | Kore Essentials Defender Knife and Belt Review

The belts and knife used in this video are available at Kore Essentials:

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19 replies on “This Knife Was Made for Self Defense | Kore Essentials Defender Knife and Belt Review”

Well, i feel like you just came to my house and stole my belt, gun, and knife, because it's all identical. hm…. Now I guess you need to look into getting the Warrior Poet Clinch Pick, because that's neat.

The ring on that knife looks awkward. Icy did a good job selling it but I bet, off the record, he'd ditch the ring. The knife looks solid, though, apart from that.

Honestly, at that price point I'll just grind and shape a blade myself – Buy a machine for the same price

Been wearing a brown leather Kore for over a year, and I love it. And the ability to adjust the fit is awesome.

Well you weren't kidding, that was a lot of shots of your crotch, did you mean to upload this to your onlyfans by any chance?

I like the double serrated Cold Steel Urban Edge for the same reasons, plus it doesn't have that ring thing. Degloving is real lol

While watching I began wondering if anyone actually needs a blade at all? If the purpose is to get someone off of you and/or to escape, why not just have something with a hard pointy tip that can gouge? That way if it gets used against you the wounds may not be fatal.
Supercool knife and belt!👍

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