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The Civivi Copper Brigand Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that’s pretty solid, but also pretty heavy and not all that remarkable: The Civivi Copper Brigand.

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While I am admittedly a copper fanboy, I have carried the Kershaw Copper Natrix XS for the last year and have grown used to the heaviness of the scales. This just looks gorgeous and will be a must have for me.

Scrolling by and I saw something I have so o click, simple math, I swapped the scales cause I’m not a fan on the weight

G'day Nick, not bad, like the heft and the copper for a change, but most of all a warnie with some belly. Cheers Duke.

Personally, the price sounds more than fair, especially given the exploding cost of raw copper and that really makes it interesting. The weight is an issue… perhaps a version that uses just a copper bolster and G10, Micarta or carbon fibre scales. That would not just save weight (and manufacturing cost), it would improve the balance.

i wish people would stop pissing and moaning about weight, seriously. a knife at 6 oz vs 4 is a non factor period. if you're struggling with a 6 oz knife using it or carrying it, the weight isn't the problem something else is.

Been waiting to see this review since I saw him preview the knife on Instagram. Thanks Nick for BRIGAND this to us.

Also, weight is subjective. Being 6'1" and 300+ lbs (think built like an offensive lineman…I was a power lifter in my earlier years) 6-7 oz doesn't feel heavy at all to me. I mean, the Cold Steel A-10 barely fits my hand and feels so good; weight and balance! We're not talking about a 1lb machete here.

I own the Damascus version of the Brigand and absolutely love it! Wish it was just a bit larger though as my XXL hands don't quite get that 4-finger grip on it. Super great action and for the money, every bit as good as some of my more expensive knives.

Haha i was about to correct you Nick about the 154CM. but wow when the hell did this version with 154cm come out? Lol always thought it was just in d2 so somehow this one slid under my radar.

I have the brass and Damascus version of the brigand I love it. But they have a metal backspacer should have been g10 or carbon fiber

I wish it had the ghosted civivi logo pivot screw instead of the black/polished contrast. I think those look so much better. (Like the one on the copper elementum)

Think the Copper is sort of like wood. When you list the optimal handle materials for pocket knives, Copper and wood just don't appear on the list. But, boy, do I like the look of a wood handle! (Copper, not so much. But I can see someone throwing out the list if they like copper).

My personal experience has very much been that Civivi products are fantastic, and unlike a great deal of the other silly stuff out there, priced fairly and accessibly. Now going to check out Sencut, too…

Hey Nick, or others with the Civivi Mckenna in brass. If you still have the brass McKenna, could you look inside the handle, towards the bottom? My model seems to be impacting the backspacer, as I can see a little line of brass where the wash has scraped off.

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