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Oneup EDC 100cc Pump and Tools Review: Essential Mountain Bike Tool Kit for the Trail

Oneup makes a really cool Air Pump for mountain biking that allows you to store tools inside of the pump. The 100CC pump will pump more than the 70cc but is obviously larger. The Pump houses more than just a multitool, it also has a spot for master links, a chain breaker, tire lever, and CO2 Cartridge Head, Holder. The tool kit can also be installed into the stem which is pretty cool. This kit is the essential mountain bike took kit for out on the ride I feel like.

Oneup Tool Kit:
Oneup 100cc Pump:
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10 replies on “Oneup EDC 100cc Pump and Tools Review: Essential Mountain Bike Tool Kit for the Trail”

How have you attached it right next to the bottle like that, without any straps etc?
Good informative vid. Cheers.

Hey Dude. My tool got stiff to remove from the steerer much like yours. Try and tighten the bolts ever so slightly on the tool itself. It freed mine up.

You're the man! The first video out of dozens I've seen that actually show how to use the co2 cartridge with the pump. Thank you!

Great vid. What did you use to piggyback onto the fidlock? I’m interested in doing this exact same setup. Thanks!

I noticed it looked like you have the pump installed with a Fidlock? How do you find this setup? Is there any interference between the two?

Wow. That pump looks very efficient! Just found your channel and I like it! It would be great if we can support each other by subscribing to each other!

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