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Boot Knife Buyers Guide 2020. We Tried Them All! | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 40)

Kurt and Zac spent a couple weeks trying out some boot knives. These are their thoughts. Get your next boot knife here:

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Knives in order of appearance:

0:00 Intro
0:42 Buck Ops Boot Knife:
3:06 SOG Instinct:
5:44 S&W SWF606:
7:50 Cold Steel Counter Tac 2:
11:45 Kershaw Secret Agent:
11:50 ESEE Candiru:
16:02 Schrade Needle:
18:40 CRKT Sting:
20:44 Concluding Thoughts

28 replies on “Boot Knife Buyers Guide 2020. We Tried Them All! | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 40)”

May buy the Smith and Wesson, take off the handle material and that should take the weight off. Possibly wrap it in cord.

Boots are life. Y'all missed an opportunity though to talk about folders for a boot knife. One of my favorites is just your average every day boring buck 110 style just dropped in a cowboy style boot. But, I imagine most folders would easily clip on to most boots.

so i’m watching this for when i’m out on my own in a pretty big city i’m moving to, i’m an taller than average height women but i am underweight, any have any suggestions for how i could further protect myself??
pls and thank you!!

(i have been doing a lot of research btw, but you can never be safe enough)

I just spent the last 10yrs in CT, where I could’ve worn a boot knife.
Now that I’m moving back home to FL…when are you doing a flip-flop knife?

I have my lineman boots custom built by Wesco Boots, and they will actually sew a leather sheath to the boot, if you provide the knife as a pattern. The price of the boots turn most away, as they would rather replace red wings every year at 250 a pair, than pay 600 for boots that last 3 or more years. It's just that mentality.

I have one question : just about every state has concealed carry laws, and yes, they pertain to knives too. How is a boot knife legal if it is concealed? States like Mississippi allow concealed knife carry if you have a license to carry a firearm. Could you guys possibly do a future video on the topic.

everyone goes to look up Vintage Explorer MM-II dagger blade,
actually a cool knife
just a Gerber Guardian 2 "mini clone" ,
id carry it in ma boot and feel cool about it

I dont understand. When did wearing boots become uncommon? Where I live everyone wears boots and I wear boots every day of my life, on a date boots, going to court boots job interview boots.

Not sure if you guys at blade HQ know this about the sog Instinct but I started carrying that as a boot knife like 5 years ago. It can be worn as a boot knife but if you get an Allen wrench, there’s a hole in the clip, If loosen the bolt a lil and turn the clip on its side you can then tighten it and the knife can be worn on your belt kinda as a tactical fighting slide out knife. Either on your lower back or your front.

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