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Outdoor Edge 3.5″ RazorLite EDC – Practical Review

You can find my write up, the other frames mentioned here and more and get your own Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite at this link

While I feel knives from Outdoor Edge like the Razor Fin & Razor Blaze are knives specifically for say a fishermen or a hunter, the RazorLite EDC to me, is a knife for everyone.  So much so that I am officially retiring my long standing recommendation for the Gerber EAB to fill this type of roll in an EDC Utility Blade.  Long term listeners to my podcast will realize that is a big deal, I have been recommending the Gerber since at least 2012.  Long before TspAz reviews even existed.

6 replies on “Outdoor Edge 3.5″ RazorLite EDC – Practical Review”

I use the Havalon Piranta. Little different style but same concept. Mine also has bone saw blades. I use mine for harvesting micro greens and lettuce… Etc

On a side note I think I've only swapped the blade 2-3 times. Otherwise I just sharpen it when I need too. And, I use it heavily almost every day. Dude, I fuckin love this knife.

Lol. I commented on your last Outdoor Edge vid about the EDC knife. I'm at work getting ready to break down boxes and figured I sharpen mine up quick beforehand and while I do so see what's new on YT and here's the video you said you would do. Awesome. I love a man of his word.

how am i going to save any money for a long awaited trip if i keep seeing all these great products?? any way those 2 knives look like they would be a good fixture to have in the skinning shed!!

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