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Emisar D4 Flashlight Review. A $40 3300 lumen EDC- one of the smallest brightest torches ever.

The Emisar D4 flashlight is smaller than a Zebralight but has a burst mode nearly twice as bright. At over 3000 lumens on turbo it is probably the brightest and smallest production torch you can buy. The light can be adapted for several different sizes of lithium ion rechargeable (vape) batteries, to make it even more small and compact. This review covers tests runtimes, operation of the user interface, measures brightness levels, and shows the Emisar in use at night. I also have a big flashlight beam shot comparison in the review that compares the Emisar to several popular flashlights like the Nitecore MH20Gt, the Zebralight SC600 mk IV, the SC5, the Olight S2 copper, and the Astrolux S41. This light was made by the same company that manufactures the Noctigon Meteor and can be bought at the following websites:

Intl Outdoor (China & Worldwide):
Mtn. Electronics (US):
A good charger can be found here:
Samsung High Drain 30Q Batteries here:

Thread over on Budget Light Forum:

Thanks for watching Advanced Knife Bro!

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ok, someone points me to a tutorial or dummy's guide to flashlight selection, criteria, hacking, terminology, etc.. I didn't understand half of what Bro was talking about.

If this product no longer exists you might want to let people know from the start. Two years isn't very long for a torch to completely disappear.

First time I've watched one of his reviews, and probably the last! Sounds like a jerk! Lots of other reviewers to watch. I don't think You Tube would lose any sleep if this guy quit them! Lol!

So how long can i actually leav it on the highest mode? 10 seconds then it gets too hot or what?

You're my new favorite. Thanks for making these. I sweat I watch them for actual information, not just to enjoy your humor.

Dude you are the fuckin shit man you gotta do a lot more of these we don't need the fine print just the damn light and how bright it is

Just to clarify… when he says flat top, non-protected batteries, he means use the same damn Samsung 30Q that you use in your vape device! Lol.

Best review ever 🤣❗❗❗OH MY JAW❗❗..UR KILLIN ME LARRY👍..I mean knife Bro 😁 I'll buy one

Hi bro. If you have blf flashlight fw3a, can you compare with this emisar?? Glad if you do review, because you're the best review anything EDC flashlight, knives and etc. Thanks

I find myself watching videos for products I don't necessarily care about because your reviews are informative and HILARIOUS.

"I really don't want to give that impression… I just got sick of doing them." the captions reveal all. Also, "hopefully you've been drinking." you know me too well.

Looking to grab the D4s…i jumped in headfirst into collecting flashlights in one month I've collected 11 OLIGHTS! But the more i see lights like this one the FIREFLIES lights and Astrolux I kick myself! I coulda had a nice collection of other lights that seem to be better! And cheaper! I do love my olights but had i known what i know now..i would have went a different route! I don't wanna end up with a box full of 40 flashlights lol but i do want a couple more, after that I'll just be strictly trading for lights i want or go without it

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