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Microtech Combat Troodon knife review

testing an amazing OTF used in the John Wick movie series

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I love that you said that "If you're not using the knife, you're are not reviewing the knife" it is so damn true. Nothing bothers me more than a 15+ minute video of them repeating the same things over and over. Thank you for all you do DBAD.

I've never cared much for OTFs. I only have one in my collection but if I were to get a new one it would be Microtec. I'd love to get one of their fixed blades.

Well at least you are one of the rare few that actually realizes a knife can be a fine self-defense implement. It seems most of this knife community and these PC wussy knife reviewers shun anybody who thinks of a knife as a defense implement

Donnie…you da man….great look at these knives…never paid attention to John Wick's pieces he used…and seen the flicks a million times…look great…Do you think microtech is worth their pricetag?

Man I want one but tryin to save cash for one of them there Colt Pythons. Got a Dickinson marine finish 12ga yesterday nice gun for the $$

Im digging those knifes very much Brother and I surely will check them out, great Video Brother, stay save โค๏ธ

Awesome blades! When I was in Afghanistan we were issued switchblades. The Gerber automatic, Benchmade automatic, and the SOG Trident automatic. I came back with 4 switchblades Lol. They are long gone now after my divorce.

I had to have an OTF on my budget so I bought a lightning its not bad gets shaving sharp and hasn't failed I've had it over a year its not bad for $40

Nobody battons wood with a Microtech Combat Troodon.
Donnie B All Day: Hold my beer!!!
Thanks for the video my Bladed Brother ๐Ÿ‘ โš”๏ธ โœ๏ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ

Another thing our knife fighting aficionados need. And this may be one of the bigger ones is the number to a good lawyer because as someone who has been cut and stabbed and yes there is a difference. When you pull a knife even in self-defense you are going……..
To jail
LOL great video my brother I love your videos! Sitting here on lunch watching it!!

Brother those are Awesome, I had know ideal how Sweet Those OTF are, When I saw you patoning, my Eye's were Popping out of my Ugly Face, You did a Fantastic Review ๐Ÿ‘, Thank you for Teaching me about OTF knives, Sincerely your freind from Mo Rick and God bless you and your family and are Great Country and Republic

OMG I want a Microtech something fierce , but with only being able to save $50 per month it would take forever . Thats what happens when a couple hundred pounds of metal falls on you at work , along with getting 12 fusions , 2 bars , 1 plate and about 40 screws all in the neck . But life goes on , I've been using Vipertech because I can afford those lol .

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