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Fox Knives Limited Suro Arctic Storm Knife Review

Fox Knives Limited Suro Arctic Storm Knife Review

Showing off this really cool LITTLE knife from Fox Knives in Italy. This limited edition Suro is actually pretty useful. This knife review will go through the entire knife tip to tail including all specs along with some size comparisons.

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7 replies on “Fox Knives Limited Suro Arctic Storm Knife Review”

I love that little knife. I have 2 of them (1 N690 blade, and 1 M390). It was the 2018 BLADE show knife of the year… or something like that

I like my Vox (first name pronounced "Yesper") designs. He seems to get a lot of utility out of smaller knives. He and Jens (You guessed it, pronounced "Yens") Anso are the Danish designers behind GiantMouse Knives, which I just got my first. That's a good looking piece Gill picked up and I've thought of getting one just like it. Thanks, Dirk. S/F

The bevels look really cool being rounded off and being able to see all the layers of the carbon fiber. Just got the 0640 with this carbon fiber from SDK. Now I can't wait to see what it looks like with this CF.

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