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The Terrain365 Otter Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very unusual little slipjoint from Terrain365, the Otter, with its dendritic cobalt ‘Terravantium’ blade.

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It would 100% be legal in the uk, because “blade length” restrictions are done on sharpened blade length no total blade length, and its a slippy. Whoop, another uk legal knife!

Every time I see this I wonder if the blade could hit the bail. Also this came out before the UKPK salt.

I love watching videos of expensive knives just so I can comment that they are too expensive. Anyone else? Oh half the people in the comments have that same hobby?

What’s the purpose of the metal hoop at the end. The bail? That metal loop just looks super annoying

I'm not sure if there is a more utilitarian blade shape available. That is a sweet knife. The half stop is a nice touch, but I would expect the pivot screws to be flush with the scales at that price.

In terms of stainless slipjoints, firms like Schrade and Golden Bear and Buck are selling them all day long and even Case managed to get out from under the 00 doldrums and puts out very nice hollow ground stainless pocket knives, not quite as fine as the ones from the 60s-70s but mighty respectable

I generally tune out a bit when the price is up there for your reviews, but I actually could see myself carrying it (if my financial standing were somewhat higher than present). Like the clean look, interesting blade stock and overall esthetic, minus the folding camp knife lanyard hoop, and I wouldn't want a clip to mess up the lines, either.

You'd think the modern slip joint world might have worked out the added safety of a 3/4 stop.

neat knife.. just don't think i'd ever spend that much on a slipjoint. or buy one at all at this point! i'm glad people are experimenting with non-steel materials for knives even if there's still nothing yet that can quite compete with the cutting performance, ease of sharpening, and edge retention of the best steels we have now

Great review as usual. It's blue. It is beautiful and interesting. I like the bail. Don't like the price, though.

Doesn't the bail time to time gets under the blade when you are closing the knife? Victorinox moved from those type of bail for this reason. Old Victorinox knives with bail usually have small dimple on the cutting edge. Something like this:

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