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TBS Folding edc none locking uk carry knife Review and my reason for choice !!!

A look at a fantastic knife by the bushcraft store here are some links—military-model—perfect-every-day-carry-knife-50657-p.asp

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As an American it was interesting to hear about a Brits experience of carrying a knife in the U.K. And very nice knife choice, thanks for posting!

Which pouch size pouch did you buy to go with knife.
Is it the small or large one from the bushcraft store?

A year on, this is a top review of this knife I was holding out for a curly birch handle, as of now nearly all these knives are out of stock ! Ahhh! After seeing this video like an excited school boy I bought the walnut handle with scandi grind TODAY. wahooo ! All the best

Hi buddy could I please have your opinion I'm loving the look of that tbs boar slip joint knife I have been on the fence about it for long time now I have all ways had opinel folding knives for carving in sted of using my belt knife or if I dont need to carry my belt knife just wanted to no if it's worth £69.99 and if it is better at carving than the opinel look forward to here from you keep up your Fantastic videos. All the best Daz

Excellent video. Love the tip about striking with it closed.
I’ve already been looking at these, but I’m off to go buy one now. 👌👍

I hate the saying “real men don’t carry knives……….. yes they fucking do it’s just the last thing they would ever think about in a conflict 🤦🏼‍♂️

Thanks for the review mate. I just pulled the trigger on this knife. (the hollow grind version though.) Its my first folder, 👍 take care pal

Whats Chris Caine up to these days bud? have not seen anything on his channel, nothing on Social media?

Awesome video loved it keep up the good work inspiring people I’ve liked & subscribed to your channel please check out my channel can do sub for sub much appreciated

Rucksack Adventures

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The family might look at you in a bad light for using a knife, but behind their caravan walls or tent walls they won't be using a spoon to slice food.

Oh the irony!

I concur with the points that you made in your review. I've had mine for almost 2yrs now and absolutely love it. I generally find myself taking this out as my sole knife on wild camps as it does everything that I need a knife to do. As per your review, I often feel much happier carrying this on my belt knowing I'm on the right side of the law (I'd never do that with a fixed blade). One little modification that I made to mine was the addition of a small lanyard as it makes it much easier to pull out of the leather sheath. Thanks for sharing 👍

I like to your brain on the topic of Double person hammock which is the best to use for Winter or just general rough camping any info most welcome.

Good to see you having a whittle Fog, along with some common sense chat too  🙂  Have a great 2020 mate….Les

First … Health and Happiness. Second, how would you compare / contrast this knife w the Falkniven TK4? Thanks for your time.

Nice one mate, you have definitely thought about this and gave some good considerations to what and where you carry, liked the knife m8 looks like a solid bit of kit, thanks for sharing m8, keep em coming😀👍

A really nice looking knife and sheath Foggy 👍 It looks like it works really well too 👍 I fully understand your frustration about bad people mucking it up for us regular folks 😉 TFS

I'm glad you've come out with this topic because I have been thinking what type of type and length of knife. I used to do this type of life back in the mid 80's and then stopped 1993 and now started back up, I have been hiking but noticed a hell of alot the massive price in gear hammock, hammock quilt, tent, bergen or rucksack the cost. So that means I'm on a mean fucking budget so any info on reasonable shops, links etc. By the way I find you a man of knowledge, experience and love of a hobby/way of life if you please and mean that in a honest to god way. The thing is there's not many of us (my opinion) so keep up the awesome work and like we spoke the last time about camping out in the new year and trying to set up a meet at sometime, that'll be a neat idea. All the best @Fog

That Right There, Foggy, Is 1 Sweet Blade & Sheath Combo ! Loved Your Safety Tips as well ! Great EDC For Sure, May 2020 Be Kind To You & Yours, Friend. ATB T God Bless

NOBODY needs to give an excuse for carrying a knife, the police CANNOT by LAW stop us and hassle us, MAGNA CARTA 1215 and our Constitutional Law is the law that actually governs us not the bullshit PC laws made up by Treasonous MP's in parliament that they want us to follow, NO human being has the right to tell another human being what to do and a police uniform IS NOT an authority neither is the person wearing it. These are simple facts. People need to get properly educated about the TRUE LAW'S OF THIS LAND and look up about these facts and also look up about the BARONS COMMITTEE and our true Laws of this island.

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