survival kit review

Detailed review SRU-16/P parachute survival kit and

booklet; Emergency Uses of the Parachute, Manual 64-15

Video of Kit in use, starting at 6:04:


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This is a really interesting scenario. If you have your parachute and the paracord, you have unlimited materials for making shelter. You have unlimited line for making nets, fishing line, putting together your shelter, and gear repair. When you look at this boxed kit combined with those two items, you have an astounding 7 C's of the 10 C's in a very small space. The only thing I'd change is the water situation. Adding about 4 water purification tabs would be awesome. And it might be possible to put in a Whirl-Pak or one of those return document materials envelopes for a more durable container. If you wrapped the container around everything else, you would not have much of a penalty of volume. Thanks for posting this. It's always interesting to see how someone else did it.

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