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Knife Day Unboxing – 1 Really Good And 1 Really Bad

For me, it’s Knife Day and to celebrate, we’ll be unboxing a few knives. Since I ordered them, I have a general idea of which knives to expect, but I honestly don’t know which package each knife is in.

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12 replies on “Knife Day Unboxing – 1 Really Good And 1 Really Bad”

CORRECTION – The Bestech Falko has Carbon Fiber/G10 scales, not Micarta. Sorry for the confusion.👍

Hey Jay, You rock buddy. That Pintail is odd Civivi is normally great quality. Falco is wow. Check out the Cold Steel Oyabun its a gem

The Civivi knives I ordered in the past, and returned the three of them for being off center, and blade play left a bad taste with me. Now I see that one with a gash on the spine I am left wondering what all the Civivi love is about. Great video!

Bestech makes great knives. Very underrated company. Their designs and execution are top notch

I have never bought a Bestech knife I didn't like….I Love Bestech knives…I even have the small Sapphires and Goblins. That knife is gorgeous…dropped in so smooth too….They've come a long way since the Warwolf and the Lion huh Jay?!…more unboxings please…your anticipation and first impression is very fun to watch from your fans, and the knife community in general….we trust what you say…take care.

I hate that the Pintail had a defect. And you better be careful with that Bestech. They are really good at their action and that thing may drop shut on your hand. 🙂

I really like those civivi cases.
Send whatever you don't want my way, they'll absolutely get used.
Love the damascus on that civivi, and the cf laminate looks good too.
I felt all your disappointment with that damage on it though, happens way too often, especially when buying from 4m4z0n.
Dang, even bestechs come with those cases?
Don't have any of those yet, due to the lack of lefty love.
I'm absolutely missing out though, because they have a ton of nice models.
Just can't do it though, maybe if I was rich, haha.
Watch your tips when shutting that bad boy, awesome action.
Thanks for sharing.
Be safe.

Really like your videos Jay. I am a long time sub. Shame the Pintail has that flaw. That can be a problem with some Damascus if the steels are properly attached to each other. Hopefully Knife center has more. That Falco looks nice. Action seemed good. How much is it if you don't mind me asking? It does remind me of the Riffle as well as that TwoSun as far as blades go. Hope to see full videos on each once Pantai is replaced.

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