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The Spyderco Rockjumper Pocketknife: The Full Quick Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to talk about a new knife from Spyderco which provides another option in their FRN lineup, the Rockjumper.

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I think you may have hit on the issue with the "Spyderco line" that I've been wondering about. What exactly IS the "line". Ideally, one could start at the bottom, (in size, or price, or quality), and work your way up justifying each step along the way, and why they exist. Spyderco seems to be a shotgun approach to knives. "Here, we'll make one of these, which is a lot like this that we already make". Guess you could argue you can find YOUR perfect knife somewhere in the "line", but it's hard to figure out where to start looking!

Looking to grab my first Spyderco, I am thinking Para3 or PM2. Got lots of knives (around40) but lots of other manufacturers but never purchased a Spyderco. Looking at the para3/pm2 in s110v, would love m390/20cv/cts-204p since it is one of my fav all around steels but s110v is excellent if a little harder to sharpen.
Thanks in advance YouTube comment section!

Vg10 can be quite good if its actually got a good heat treatment. Especially if you put a steep angle on it.

Pete actually got really good results on a pocket knife with vg10 when he put an angle closer to what is used on japanese kitchen knives.

When did VG-10 stop being the bottom of the "totally fine, good to go" steels and start being the top of the "budget" steels for you?

Boooor-riiiing…😴 As you say: Very, verrrryy non tactical; very bland & colorless name.
I'd much rather a traditionally Cold Steel-inspired name, along the lines of: "Throat-ripper", "Blood-seeker" or "Gut-spiller"; or even just a simple "Penetrator".

I've been carrying the salt 2 wharncliffe lc200 for a month or so. If they did this in lc200 I'd buy it immediately, blade shape is a lot more useful than I thought it would be. Don't care if it's ugly if works well

I have the original Delica wharncliff. Great design but the VG10 steel is terrible, doesn't hold an edge well and is very difficult to get a nice keen edge.

We’ve come a long way in the steel world. I remember not long ago, like literally less than 5 years ago, when vg10 was the gold standard in kitchen cutlery due to its resistance to wear. Now, vg10 isn’t hard enough. Lol. Down, down the rabbit hole we go. How far does it go? Nobody knows. Great video once again, Nick. Btw, waiting on delivery later today of a WE kitefin LE and a WE screech with flamed titanium handles.

I’ve been hoping you would review this, great video as always 👍 I would love to see some sprints and exclusives in this!

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