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Rough Ryder Denim Micarta Series Barlow Review; Strange Issues

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12 replies on “Rough Ryder Denim Micarta Series Barlow Review; Strange Issues”

I find your interest in RR knives interesting and refreshing. I've never seen a review on one anywhere else. They're not really my cup of tea but that's ok. They're still interesting. Good job. 👍

Yes I agree with you regarding placement of blades, can't understand why main blade not in front.

You might consider grinding the Kick (I think it is called). The pin blade isn't too wide and could be lowered without hitting inside. That might be enough to let you get your nail in it.

It's A New Knife it Should Be Blemish Free. Have The Trapper Looking To Buy The Copper-head In The Denim Series. Nice Review.

It could be worth filing down the kick on the pen blade to make the nail nick on the main blade more accessible. I do that to most of my knives and have been happy with the results. Thanks for sharing

Funny, I have one of those with white bone handles and it doesn't have those issues. It's actually a nice knife but lately I'm trying to stick with American made.

Don’t do it I got the copperhead and I also can’t get to it ……. 14 bucks use the snot out of it and call it a day!!!!!😀

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