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Rambo Last Blood Bowie Knife review

See this video for disassembly and steel update.

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Designed by some German, made in China. Some sellers list the handle as G-10, some as wood. You say and I believe plastic. Some say buffalo, some say fake leather sheath. No one lists what the steel is. (United Cutlery 440A Honshu or some sort of carbon steel?) Agree $100 knife (even as a collectable).

blade hq is out of the bowie. any recommendations on where I can go to get an offcially licensed one? I thought about bud k maybe. where did you get yours?

Is this the heart stopper knife? It's the next knife I have my eyes on getting if so.

Shore do like that elongated sharpened clip! Part of the weight distribution might have something to do with that dang lanyard draggin tail….. like it's brother the Heartstopper, impressive. And you're right, it doesnt look like 8"…

Hey there Brother, Great reviews!! I just managed to get the Rambo last blood Bowie very hard to get now!… A dealer here in Australia had it so grabbed the buggar! Have both Last blood knives now and Rambo 1and 3 Hollywood Collectables…I am hunting for Rambo 2 now..not easy to get!!
You and your family be safe and well …Cheers Mate!!

I dont have this one, but I love my rambo IV machete. Also its nice to see someone actually use the knife.

Wuw looks a nice knife Donnie. Allot in the design. I never knew of this knife and I aint seen the movie yet. Ad

Bought both the mk8 #301/5000 and the mk9 #2095/5000
Good knives for “collectibles”. Looking forward to getting your war machine and your design of the Natchez. Would pick one up but they are super hard to come by these days

Keep doing your thing Donnie all the way from Aus 🇦🇺

Got a first edition Heartstopper mk9 and that's Amazing!!! But this has grown on me, mite grab one of these!. Great review 💯

1st time viewer, instant subscriber..
I think the 138 likes, Zero dislikes says it all..
The best Rambo 'Last Blood' Knife review on the tube in da world.
Love ya work Donnie ♥

Is this China made? My god! Buy American or German! Nice review! The Pohl force ones are the real deal….not for amateurs..!

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