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New for 2021 Benchmade Mini Adamas Knife Review

New for 2021 Benchmade Mini Adamas Knife Review

Showing off this really cool TANK of a knife. This knife review will go through the entire knife tip to tail including all specs along with some size comparisons.

A Theraputic Edge’s video on this model:

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7 replies on “New for 2021 Benchmade Mini Adamas Knife Review”

Love my mini Adamas! One of my favorite knives. Would highly recommend to anyone. Been gravitating towards medium, over-built knives myself. Dirk, this one wasn't a keeper for you?

You are correct. There are so many knives and few are actually different or innovative. Spyderco puts out quite a few designs, but 90% look the same. I think a manufacturer should coordinate with Dirk and design a couple designs. I would buy one and I know it would kick ass.

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