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SOG Vision XR (Yet Another Upgrade To An Old Classic)

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16 replies on “SOG Vision XR (Yet Another Upgrade To An Old Classic)”

Iā€™m just so used to sog products being so bad theres not a chance in hell Iā€™d risk spending that much on one of their products regardless of who recommends it.

I like these SOG knives. I had a Flash II tanto that grew legs and walked off at work. šŸ˜  Loved it. Also, I am with Jeff on the serrations. I totally prefer a straight edge the length of the blade.

I love a tanto but fully agree no serrations. I do find them easy to sharpen using an EZE-Lap little rod sharpener that fits in the serration curves. I just don't want any more partially serrated blades.

Iā€™m also not a fan of tanto or serrated blades, but I do like the SOG XR series. The pentagon XR might just join the Terminus XR in my EDC rotation.

I have a bunch of old SOG's. Compared to the new SOG's the old ones, well lets just say pail in comparison.

I definitely buy knives based on look, I just don't like the look of serrations, among other things.

I get hair shaving sharp on serrations, I curved apart of my strop, so after I sharpen the up to about 1,200 grit, I use the strop, works very nicely

Combo edge knives actually offer some positives regarding safety when trying to pierce shit in weird positions, say you're EOD. But I guess you'd have to use them a lot to realize this

Some of the other upgraded models…the colours are awful and the lanyard holes are obnoxious…. sadly… glad to see one that looks great…thanks for the great content and reviews!


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