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Opinel Folding Knife Review

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I remember these, even as a kid I couldn't trust the design, but I love the look of some of the nicer ones. They need to make the locking piece and the other piece over the pivot thicker for me to want to use it for anything more than cutting a steak. The locking part looks kinda sloppy on some. I really wish they would make an updated version that keeps the looks with a more convenient, efficient, and stronger locking system. I would never use this in an edc role or take it to work outside of my lunchbox; where its perfect.

The carbon steel #8 continues to creep back into my top 3 knives of all time.
Whenever I get something new, it pushes the Opinel out for a while.. But then I find the Opinel in my pocket again a few weeks later.
I've got a few stainless #8s, but the carbon steel version is the one to buy.

just open/close it repeatedly (while watching tv or something) and DRY IT WELL. Even without oil, I can open mine single-handedly by tapping the end and then flicking my wrist.

I disagree. I feel that the ring can be removed. I've heard stories of people doing it unintentionally. It wouldn't affect anything in regards to the blade staying attached to the handle.

I'm a happy owner of this incredible knife (no. 8 and no. 7), it's just very comfortable in the hand.

Just checked my no. 6 to be sure – my knife does not lock in the closed position. The grind is also different from my other knives. It's not flat but slightly convex.

@GamerzMedia Well, I guess you could cut it off with an axle blade, But, I think you would want to remove the inner ring, That`s probably securing the blade hinge itself

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