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Civivi Riffle Review. Best Budget Knife of 2021!! So Far…

Today we take a look at the new Civivi Knives Riffle in green micarta. This one could end up going down as this years best budget knife and maybe best knife period!

Civivi Riffle at Knifecenter-

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16 replies on “Civivi Riffle Review. Best Budget Knife of 2021!! So Far…”

And a huge cheers to you as well brother 🍻🍻🍻thank you for the shout out and the kind words. It means alot to me. The riffle is high on my wish list. Every one is saying great things about it. Great review brother 👍keep up the great work!

The Riffle is my favorite design from Civivi for 2021. Such a great looking knife and I really like how it's 14C28N. Great video once again John! Have a great day brother.

Thanks for the really good review on the Riffle. I am going to have to have to get that one before the other Civivi's I want.
Thanks for sharing that good looking knife.

Looks like another winner from Civivi. Still looking for something to beat the Praxis, this might be it. It's got alot going for it, as you have shown us. Great review brother! 🍻👍

A civivi ive been seeing and hearing alot about I've got to try one out given the quality of the other ones I have Nice.pocket dump also

Sweet knife as great review as some good budget knives coming from overseas even though I prefer our homeland but hey, it is what it is….Good stuff….

The Riffle is a good one for sure. Possibly my favorite Civivi to date. I'm really happy to see them using 14C28N steel.

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