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Best Kershaw EDC Pocketknife to Date / The Kershaw Highball XL : A Classic Mild Mannered Review

I have always had a soft spot for Kershaw knives, a brand from my youth. The Kershaw Atmos and Natrix have been my favorite models, but the new for 2021 Highball XL may be my favorite all time and is the best thing Kershaw currently makes, in my opinion of course.

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Kershaw Highball XL Pocketknife:

Stay safe out there, be mild mannered to one another and all the best!

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26 replies on “Best Kershaw EDC Pocketknife to Date / The Kershaw Highball XL : A Classic Mild Mannered Review”

Really good looking knife, and nice to see that they added the holes to reverse the clip for us lefties, was disappointed when I saw it wasn't possible on the original Highball. Thanks for sharing. 😊

Hello Brad. That is a cool looking knife. I realy like blades with fullers. Classic colour, very nice. All the best.

Great review !
At 59 $ its gunna have to be a NO from me simply because for the SAME amount of money a person can buy a knife with MUCH better function ,material's & options' and quality IMO !

Yes, I agree with you on the price. I am forced to buy budget knives so I might hang tight on it and see if it drops.

The Westin is one of my favorite budget friendly knives! Havent handled the XL but the Highball is a pretty solid knife overall! Great review brother!!

Dang! I see it available for under $43 so that's a great deal. Heck, this is threatening to knock out the Ontario Rat for value. Thanks for the review!

You have had enough comments on what the symbol means. Seems like a good knife. The size increase and the other improvements make it an interesting knife. Thanks for showing it.

Man I was immediately drawn to this when it launched. I LOVE the silhouette…super clean, great blade shape. The implementation of the lock bar plate is AWESOME! This really looks like a Kershaw worth purchasing! Great video man!

Nice looking knife. Enjoyed the video but I’m sure I missed some vital details because I was chanting, “I don’t need another knife. I don’t need another knife. I don’t need another knife.” throughout. I’m pretty sure a lockbar insert is unnecessary because the frame is steel rather than titanium.

I bought one half way through your vid! Def an interesting step in the right direction for Kershaw. A lot of satisTHWACKtion goin on with that deployment. Great Review.

….but did they have to use that "look at me" blue travel stop that sticks out like a piece of duct tape on a pair of expensive sneakers?

I have bought a few knives in this price range lately and this one looks really appealing. Might have to pick this up. Thanks for the vid brother.

Good review. The Atmos and Bareknuckle are my favorite Kershaws now, but I may have to check this one out just to play with the fuller opening.

Ooops…you mentioned your from the Pacific North West lol. Should a conservative be watching your vids ?? Hope your not in Portland although Seattle has gone to shyte now too. I know as I live north of the border in Vancouver. I am still a fan…. keep up the good work and thanks.

I like the looks. Interesting opener … never seen that before . Great review man. Y’all making me self conscious lol

awesome looking knife really like the first highball so bet the "XL" very would be amazing. I agree with you on the silly speed safe 💩 why just why lol 🤬😢😭🤣🤣 they make some great knives and ruins it with speed safe. great video brother

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