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KNIFE TRADE : 2 Trades In 1 Video (BRS Balisong, Squid Balisong, Cold Steel, CRKT, and More…)

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18 replies on “KNIFE TRADE : 2 Trades In 1 Video (BRS Balisong, Squid Balisong, Cold Steel, CRKT, and More…)”

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The Luzon has the secondary cutout to make room for the thumb stud when it's in the closed position

Hey! I've got a Jet-Aer G96 Brand model 3000 hunting knife I got from my grandfathers recent passing. is there anything that you know about it?

The Lizon is a pretty nice knife…I have the Luzon L and I love it…Its pretty big and somewhat awkward to carry if you dont have big pockets…Also I myself am scared of it…I guess it would make a great defensive knife…

I don’t really trade cuz when I buy a knife I have a purpose and use for it. I’d feel bad about trading one off.

The Cold Steel Luzon is a good knife I have 3 of the medium and one full size . makes a damn fine defensive blade at least the large does

Was happy to do that trade with you Jeff! Keep me posted I wanna see how you end up liking the Luzon, Take care and happy Easter!

Luzon, like the majority of CS knives come sharp and ground excellently. When you hold the 6" Luzon you understand the smaller Luzons are compromises.

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