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Is this blade any Good? The Shi Ba Zi 8" Chef's Knife

I love knives – they are one of the tools I use every… single… day. Unfortunately, I’ve had some personal issues with my knives that I just can’t seem to work through. Thus, I decided to try the Shi Ba Zi Chef’s knife!

The Shi Ba Zi Zuo 8″ Chef’s Knife:
Dalstrong Shogun Series 8″ Chef’s Knife (an awesome knife):

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27 replies on “Is this blade any Good? The Shi Ba Zi 8" Chef's Knife”

I use a chinese cleaver for almost everything…
Paring knife for peeling fruits and vegetables, bread knife/slicing knife for slicing bread and boneless meats.

Cleaver is great for cutting apart chicken at its joints and sternum.

Rookies may be scared of its size and weight, but practice proves it's a better all-around blade in the kitchen.

Fake "made in China" santoku and terrible technique with western style chef's knife.
No, it is not "classic american knife" – this is one of european profiles – so called German profile (another being French).
Also – those are knives, and you grab them like sticks or hammers – little control over blade.
You should grab the handle, not bolster, and It's index finger on spine, not pinch grab.
Chops are done with flat tall part close to heel, not mid-curved edge.
Middle part is for slicing and rocking.
Tip is for cutting that starts with piercing.
Scooping demonstration proves you don't even know how to use cutting board properly.
You tried to make other knives than chinese terrible, but it is you who are terrible with all of them.
You don't even know, that Asian knives are not even completely sharpened when new – only initial profiling and coarse sharpening. "Test" with paper showed it.
Sharpening with rod was terrible – you did everything wrong – I'd say you probably damaged the edge on all of your knives over time. That's why they are so terrible at cutting.
This performance should be desaturated into black-white, like all those fake mishaps in tv shopping channels.
You are fake at everything.

Got a cleaver for $25 cad I use it almost as much as my 600$ Florentine chef knife. The only issue with the cleaver the edges and finish are a bit sharp

Hi Denis
Here we go check this out NYC Korin
Chefs knifes check out the clever where
You can have good grip on it it has a whole on the blade
(212 )587-7021
All the best
In the meant time eat well 🙃

is this really an american attempting a "british" accent… is that really what's happening in this here voice over on a youtube channel fr lol

Maybe the reason your missing those cuts on the onion with a western style knife is because your not using it as it was designed, which is a rocking motion of chopping where the tip of the knife stays on the board.

Not claiming to be an expert or anything, just someone who cooks for a hobby and watches a bunch of knife videos on youtube. It's just that, I picked up a lot of information along the way. I suggest you try using the western knife again for it's intended design, you might like it the second time around.

Ok just have to say your using the traditional western knife all wrong. You are supposed to roll it front to back. You obviously have not had any culinary training.

Whoa! Easy with the growth hormones there. That is not an onion, it is a Watermelon! Man-boobs guaranteed.

Have you ever thought that you were holding the chinese cleaver wrong? That is why you felt uncomfortable? With he right grip chinese chefs can use the knife for 12h shifts without a problem.

Yeah but I can't stab my neighbour with the rectangle…. well maybe if I try hard enough

Mandarin and Cantonese are both dialects of Chinese, the language is still called "Chinese". Mandarin uses the simplified writing system whereas Cantonese uses the traditional ☺️

it depends on the user, some ppl like to use a rocking action when cutting so a curved edge is good. for up and down cutting a Santoku knife is probably better.

with all due honor you have no idea about knives, so please i ask you and do not convey any half-knowledge

don't use your knife for smashing garlic… just use your palm. Why risk snapping your knife and maiming your self to smash garlic.

There are more languages than mandarin and Cantonese in China. They are diminished as dialects despite their varying grammatical structures.

Try the siberian cooking knife. I love camping with it. It's an all around good knife for the bush!

wow!….This Brand ”Shi ba zi”from my hometown,whether the quality was good or not,its very very famous….at least in china, we usually pay around usd10 for ur video cover‘s knife

First of all.. bring a person who can and actually knows how to use knife. And the knife they introduce as paring knife is not paring knife. They are called petty or utility knife. This video is so false…

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