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Microtech UTX-70 OTF Automatic Knife Review

Today I take a look at an interesting little knife!

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12 replies on “Microtech UTX-70 OTF Automatic Knife Review”

This is such a neat knife. I'd like to think that the smaller version would translate to a smaller price but I doubt it. Just like when the mini bugout came out and it's the same damn price.

From Upstate SC, I'm about to liquidate my remaining Microtech collection as there's too many negative stories about their business practices out there. I currently have a UTX-70 "Proof Run" and Exocet for sale on the JerzeeDevil forum.

does your utx-70 make a rattling noise when the blade is retracted into the handle and you shake it?
mine does and I am a bit concerned.

I am sure it could be used in a pinch for a fight, but aye. I learned the hard way fixed blade knives are best for combat.

Friggin stabbed something in a fight and blade collapse on folded knife and cut into my finger.

Granted any knife used in a fight will likely get a person in trouble as most knife laws I have seen are as silly as gun laws.

I may have to take the plunge on one of these sometime. Howโ€™s the clip tension? The standard troodon I have is stupid tight

I live in Minnesota so I cannot carry an out the front knife which sucks. I can own one but I wouldn't be able to carry it sadly. It is a good looking knife though

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