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New Knives for the Week of April 1st, 2021 Just In at

We open with some tactical flavor, followed by EDC knives, new Bucks, and a couple new axes. Check out the latest knives and EDC gear from KnifeCenter here:

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Featured Knives
0:00 Intro
0:53 Prometheus Design Werx STS-G10:
3:26 Benchmade Adamas:
8:05 LOTAR Combat King KOBRA Gen.5 GHOST:
10:37 Chaves Ultramar Liberation 229:
11:51 Chaves Ultramar CHUB:
12:49 Chaves Ultramar Titanium Bolt Action Pens:
14:00 Bestech Spanish Tip Razor:
16:23 Buck Paradigm:
19:44 Buck Budgie Compact:
21:38 Boker Cub Pro:
23:42 Boker Atlas:
25:07 Becker Black Canvas Micarta Handle Slabs:
26:00 Kershaw Outright:
27:12 CRKT Joe Wu Hex Bit Driver:
28:22 APOC Survival Tools Hundr Hatchet:
30:36 Halfbreed Blades Compact Battle Axe:

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17 replies on “New Knives for the Week of April 1st, 2021 Just In at”

Hi from Germany to you guys from the Knifecenter! DCA and the Team are doing an awesome job! Love your videos and your Store. Maybe you can help me out finding a new knife.

I am looking for an EDC in an all day urban/office/home environment. No outdoor use. I’d like to have a more or less modern look maybe something with titanium/aluminum/carbon. It should be a flipper with a drop-point or spear-point shape with not too much belly and not too slim, preferably with a flat grind (I like the blade shape of a BM Bugout). The blade length should be something around 3”. Blade steel should be solid with good edge retention. Should not be too tactical, but nothing with wood on the handles. I would prefer an axis or frame lock. The knife should be under 200$. Is there something you can recommend me?

Thank you for your help. Stay healthy and continue your good work!

Adamas full tang is perfect as well Boker Cub as all day field knife. Outright Liberation and Paradigm make excellent choices too, especially Outright in tactical carry too. Lotar Kobra is tactical designed for striking base of skull , a military combat technique for compromising your enemies efficiently. ☝️😎

The Buck Budgie Compact is the circa mid 90's Joe Pesci of knives.

I will add I have been drinking this evening.

Glo thumb studs Cool!!
Material is Called TRITIUM. Very cool on your Night. You can see it almost all night. Recharges easily in lighted. Room or even better In sunlight,!🦊😁

Cool vid like always! Man…I wish the Benchmade adamas fixed blade would be like 1.5 inches shorter. What a dream…greetings from Germany! 😀

A verification captcha is the only thing that sucks about you guys. I'd much rather visit other places on the internet even if I just wanna check some info on a product. It's honestly off-putting.

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