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Condor Plan A Bowie knife review

testing an amazing gift from Scab and Megatron from ChoirBoyz Cutlery

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Too bad that in your apartment there are no bees and wasps nests. Each wasp and bee could then get a name tag sticker and then buzzing name tags would fly around everywhere in your apartment. i think that would be very impressive. then you could also roar like nicolas cage all day, not the bees, not the bees. as in the dinos, not the mama.

when will you finally build the pit in your room and the jump where you can jump over it with your motorcycle? you also need a bowie lance that tastes like sugar for your chopper.

You did it again DBAD, instead of graciously stepping aside and allowing the best man to win you had to show me up with that bowie after I mentioned that I had to new folders; you popcorn fart prick like daffy would say "your despicable"!

Harvey the rabbit is my cousin, happy easter Donnie; scab is the coolest, to give you something like that, damn man that grip looks awesome, big bowie chopping mad man DBAD it's definitely you.

Thanks for telling me about Scab he is a great YouTuber , I love that knife . I have mine paired with the Julio Diaz Ripper also by Condor. Bowie and Scandi grind together is a perfect team . Happy Easter to you and the family .

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