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The TRM Shadow Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at the latest knife from TRM, the Shadow.

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Damn shame about the availability, I thought that’d be a great alternative to the shaman. Only thing holding me back from buying the shaman is the blade thickness. This TRM seems to be exactly what I’m looking for.

Your love affair with TRM continues, as an owner of an Atom purchased on the secondary market for a 63% premium this purchase was nothing more than over priced need for some one
who can afford an over priced knife. TRM should love you for pushing their marketing plan. I own 200+ knives from junk to hand made quality, TRM is a premium quality being supported by you
and falsely pushed by a bad marketing plan. Here we go again !! .I will buy your shadow for the price you paid.

Not my cup of tea, but I can definitely see the appeal. But I would actually think that something like a Manix would be a closer match for a comparison

pretty reminds me of an osbourne benchmade. great knife but too expensive. it's a shame because knives should be used but a worn knife has low resale. I have a neutron and it is so slicey.

I hate axis locks.if you hit the butt of the knife in something the lock bounces back and the blade folds even bench mades do it.all axis locks fail very easily

Hogue……nicer looking, more variations in blade design, and colors, and yes………available this decade.

Nice review on an impossible to obtain knife!

Where is this guy from? I can’t put my finger on his accent.

The pivot is reversible too, which will give me full Lefty Love if I can score one of these some day.
Great coverage of this, and I liked your taking it apart, which will save most people a ton of time.
Just removing the pivot to slip out the blade and washers for cleaning is great.
It looks well made, and very refined in its finish.
If the shaman came in a lefty model, I would have had one a long time ago, and might not even considered this.
Thank you for the upload.
Be safe.

A couple of things that could have been mentioned: the flush clip screws / the carry overall, the smoothness of the G10 and the milling overall could have discussed the ergonomics more, how sharp it is out of the box and the small business premium feel that comes with it. As a lefty I LOVE mine. I was one of the people really pushing that in the Facebook group. Great review!

Ya good luck getting one of these…. I don't even know why Nick bothers wasting all that time reviewing these… What is the purpose of reviewing knives that no one can even get? But hey just keep doing what YOU want to do, that's all that matters right

This is on the edge of being a fail from TRM especially the lack of ingenuity, lack of scale swap and unpredictable opening out of pocket. I'll be getting one anyways.

Looks like the Ritter Hogue is a better value, but I'd sell my Ritter Hogue if I can get a Shadow.

I got lucky and got one and I absolutely love it it’s an amazing knife and for my hand it fits perfectly my biggest complaint is the lock bar is a little sharp

This knife with some of their custom scales would be a dream knife. It’s really a shame these are so unavailable, but I’d rather they not compromise on quality to meet demand.

Anyone know how they are doing the “sprinkle” drops throughout the spring? Are they announcing them or randomly selling them and you just have to be there at the right time.

Hate to say this because TRM is great, but I'm confused why they keep creating new knife models when production on their current stuff is so limited. All the time they spend making shadows is time they aren't making atoms or neutrons.

Granted they are free to do whatever they want, but I feel like production speed isn't exactly on the top of their priority list when they put more stake in new designs. The Skaha, for example, is near impossible to get without waiting a year, but at least it's the only knife they make.

Another great review Nick! If I had to guess, I'd say the price is deliberately high-ish to somewhat suppress demand so they can keep up. It would make sense.

Half the fun is the chase… The Atom is selling for $320 +/- on the secondary market. Do you like the Shadow more as an edc knife? Thanks for the video… 👏😎👍

That pivot is giving me major Art Deco vibes. Would love to see it on their other offerings, but given how many people absolutely loathed the OG Kizer screws I'm probably in the minority.

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