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Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner 15002-1 Knife Review

Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner 15002-1 Knife Review

Showing off the Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner in beautiful rich kite/G10 and S90V steel. This knife review will go through the entire knife tip to tail including all specs.

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2 replies on “Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner 15002-1 Knife Review”

Maybe you should substitute the word "review" with "showcase" because this shit is NOT a review . You haven't even used the knife, you have no footage showing tasks it could be used for you don't even cut some paper with it in fact it seems you have zero experience with this knife and using it for the tasks it was designed for……all you do is show the knife and read out a couple of the manufactures specs, you don't even weigh or measure the thing your self.
All of this is fine TBH but the titles of your videos are misleading, you haven't "reviewed" a single knife you have shown.

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