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Schrade SCHF51M Frontier Fixed Blade Re-Review

We’re taking another (shorter) look at the Schrade SCHF51M, the 1/4″ thick chunk of 1095 that you can pick up for $50. Some good, some bad, be sure to see all of it!
SMKW currently is out of stock of the version with the micarta handle, which is what we’re reviewing here:
They do currently have in stock, however, the version with the TPE handle, which comes in $10 cheaper at $39.99:

8 replies on “Schrade SCHF51M Frontier Fixed Blade Re-Review”

Great review. I have the Schrade fsch36, very similar. It's OK but rather cumbersome to use.

I have this knife and your right the factory edge is useless I dun the same as you now it slices much better. All the best 🇬🇧

wow. on paper this sounded like a real deal. smkw a few months ago lowered this price to as low as $33 i think. i had it in my cart, but it sold out. maybe i'm glad, cuz it seems to have three major design flaws: a bad grind, awkwardly place choil, and an overly long handle.

I have the SCHF52 a friend added custom Micarta Handle and a Kydex Sheath. It's definitely a beast of a knife.

Thanks for the review buddy!! Looks like that knife is getting a lot of love from you 🙂 Looks like a great camp knife. I really like the thick steel. Thanks buddy!

I have the SCHF52M. Basically the same knife, just longer. I wasn't overly impressed with it. I used it once, and it's sat in my closet ever since. It's a batonning champ, I'll give it that, but I should have stuck with my Mora, lol. I did knock down the rough edges on the micarta with some sand paper which made it a bit more comfortable, but it was just to thick and chunky for my taste.

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