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EDC Gear Review: Nitecore P20i Tactical Flashlight

In this EDC gear review I unbox and try out the Nitecore P20i tactical flashlight. This was sent to me from Nitecore for review with no other type of compensation. What do I think it? Do I feel it is worth it? How does it compare to other flashlights I have? Well, here are my thoughts.

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10 replies on “EDC Gear Review: Nitecore P20i Tactical Flashlight”

biden and his team are trolling again — 7 down thumbs. Leaving that feedback on the virtual roadside, GREAT job Jason. Lights are something I am interested and always good hear about alternative brands.

Jason, I was listening and searching eBay and was about to throw one in the basket, when you said the torch comes on to the highest mode when you press it. Well that's no good for when you hear that bump in the night and grab the torch. If you crack 1800 lumens in the bedroom, there goes your night vison, I keep all my OLight's on "moon light mode". Sorry I am back to my OLight and my Seeker 2 on moon light mode. Cheers. I know you will lay awake at night worrying about this but its ok. I will still tick the Like button.

Good morning Jason, now that you are famous , will you still be my friend. Now before I comment further I have only had one coffee. I am truly a OLight fan, and I am gobsmacked how good they are. But I am a serious torch [Flash light] fan. I have not as yet played with a Nitecore. Possibly because I am not famous and people forget we are here down under. OMG, did you say you like it better than OLight, I am really shocked. And you really need to get over your battery phobia, just saying. Cheers

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Guns are not illegal. The political leftist talk would be to properly call them “undocumented guns”!

very cool dude flashlights are fun ive got a harbor freight flashlight milled aluminum was almost nothing works great it was just a house light i dont run around at night but i grab it crossed arms style at night with my gun so i can see low tech but works

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