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Cold Steel AD-15 LITE Folding Knife – Overview and Review

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16 replies on “Cold Steel AD-15 LITE Folding Knife – Overview and Review”

I'm convinced these price raises from the traditional names are the inevitable result of the budget Chinese knives taking market share. There are fixed costs to business that are diluted through volume. Volume of sales must be shrinking due to civivi etc and their Chinese labour.

Also is anyone in doubt that the Chinese government are orchestrating economic warfare and are trying to monopolize all manufacturing industries? You're not just buying a Chinese made knife, you're aiding China's growth.

I just bought an AD15 in S35VN for 138.79, delivered, on Amazon. Ordered it on March 3, 2021. It was delivered on March 7, 2021. At this moment the original AD15 in green is 136.19 and in black it's $154.99, both on Amazon.

The AD10 is $125.10 on Amazon right now.

The Scorpion lock is just a variation of a Pat Crawford design from 1979, still being made by A.G. Russell (One Hand Knife) and CRKT (Offbeat). Demko does do a good job improving locks like this and the TriAD lock. Both are improvements but not revolutionary, more evolutionary. Just my opinion.

Overpriced Taiwanese garbage with laughable materials? Yup, must be Cold Steel. I hope they go bankrupt tomorrow.

Awesome video as always! Just a heads up, there are CS distributors that are selling these AD15 Lites for under $100 now and I’m positive that the prices for these from reputable dealers on EBay & Amazon will go down just like the standard ones did. I do agree 100% with you that this lite at the $130 price isn’t that great of a deal but at under $100 I think it’s a great deal. I got my AD15 Black in S35vn for $145 on EBay & I’m super happy with it.

You're not being grouchy, these companies are about as bad as scalpers raising prices after the fact. They aren't getting me though, fk that.

Hey MC, good to see you passionate about pricing, (though this is not typical of CS). Now… where is this excitement when it comes to Benchmade? They have been fleecing the crap out of their clueless lemming fans for years. They still get away with it when most US production companies >/= them in quality, design and value.

I got the S35VN version for just under $140 in the panic after the Cold Steel sale. Do we think these are really going to go for their retail price?

U have every right to be grouchy brother . I would never buy this I would wait for an ad-20. Lol

I love my AD-15. Dyed it red, sanded the G10 and switch the scorpion lock and pivot screws and it is butter now

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