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7 BEST Everyday Carry Backpacks [EDC – 2021 Guide]

The best every day carry backpacks we have reviewed // Best EDC for business // Best EDC for gym // Best EDC for photographers, and more!


0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Backpack theory
1:12 – Tech gear
3:24 – Work / gym
6:13 – Photography
9:32 – Creative
12:50 – College
15:09 – Urban
17:51 – All rounder


Full reviews links!

1 – NOMATIC BACKPACK – Best EDC backpack for tech gear:
Check price :

2 – AER DUFFEL PACK 2 – Best EDC backpack for gym /work:
Check price:

3 – PEAK DESIGN EVERYDAY BACKPACK – Best EDC backpack for photographers
Check price:

4 – BOUNDARY SUPPLY PRIMA SYSTEM – Best EDC backpack for creatives
Check price:

5 – BELLROY CLASSIC BACKPACK PLUS – Best EDC backpack for college
check price:

6 – MODERN DAYFARER BACKPACK – Best EDC backpack for urban folks
Check price:

7 – WANDRD DUO DAYPACK – Most well rounded every day carry backpack
Check price:


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17 replies on “7 BEST Everyday Carry Backpacks [EDC – 2021 Guide]”

Awesome videos! Love everything about it. Trying to decide between nomadic travel pack and aer travel pack 2 small…which would you go for ?

Damn you went full Anakin on those shoulder straps with Prima System. It's course and rough and irritating.

The Aer duffel almost makes me wish I was a gym rat just so i'd have a legitimate use for it.

Amazing vid as always! I'm kind of torn between the Dayfarer and the Wandrd Duo. Which one would you say is larger volume wise? The Duo sounds larger on paper with the Dayfarer only being usable in 18-20l mode, but all of that internal padding looks as if it could fit potentially less stuff in comparison to the large bucket that is the Dayfarer. My Daily carry can be rather large on some days and I prefer a bag in the 20-24 liter range and those two pretty much fit the bill feature wise… so I guess it just comes down to capacity. 😊

Can you put more light on the packs it is impossible to see any details. All you see is a black hole. You need to account for the compression YouTube put on the videos, it just blends all the different shades of black into one. Your white background makes it difficult to expose for the very dark black bags with out completely blowing out the highlights.

Can't decide if I wanna just get are duffle or grab the dayfair pack but the wanderedduo is definitely something I would take

Roundup was pretty good nice seeing a different set of bags than the highest recommended gives me more options to think about

I loved my AER Duffel Pack 2, but it got stolen and my girlfriend hated it because it was so big. Was gonna get a Fit pack 2 as a replacement, but it had no side pockets. Good video!

i am finding a backpack for everyday working, luckily find out your video and see your some footages in Ho Chi Minh city. So can you guid me where can i find these backpakc you mentioned? Thank you.

Your videos are amazing man they’re so interesting but also fun to watch keep up the great content and happy new year!
Also would u have tips to make videos as great as yours? Have a nice day!!🔥🔥

Hey I Just wanted to say that I bought the nomatic backpack based off of your videos and it's by far the best backpack I've ever owned so thank you!

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