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The Best Hiking Knives of 2021

With warmer weather comes a great opportunity to get outdoors! The best hiking knives balance the need to be lightweight while being large enough for a solid hold and the ability to make a difference when you really need it.

From Swiss Army Knives to ultralight folders to sturdy neck knives, there are a lot of options to choose from, so we rounded up some of our favorites below, some of them starting less than $50!

Featured Knives
0:00 The Best Time to Consider a Hiking Knife
1:20 Victorinox Swiss Army Camper:
3:56 Opinel N08:
5:37 KA-BAR Dozier Folding Hunter:
7:36 Buck 110 Slim Select:
9:31 Spyderco Native 5:
11:23 Benchmade Bugout:
13:45 Morakniv Basic:
16:05 Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter:
17:59 CRKT Mossback:
19:54 Old Hickory Bird and Trout Knife:
21:09 ESEE Izula:
23:51 Becker BK11:

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23 replies on “The Best Hiking Knives of 2021”

Picked up a Spartan Blades Enyo from KC a couple of weeks ago. Great little knife for this application.

I understand the reason why hikers wanna cut down the weight as much as possible but I don't think much weight should be cut on the most important tool of survival. Dragonfly? Dude get a solid fixed blade…

As a Boy scout ASM and advisor to the QM, for folding knives I really like the Dozier pocket knives. The price is good and I haven't had any issues with quality, I even wear one as part of my EDC. The scouts can be tough on knives and ive seen scouts carry some cheap crappy knives especially the young ones.
One tip bright handle colors can help keep the knife from being lost if it gets dropped on the ground by accident.

Hey David, I love your content and delivery. I'm looking for a 3"-ish automatic with the best blade to handle ratio, for under $200. Can you help?

I don't worry about weight. My outdoor knife is a Benchmade Nimravus. Got it from you, too.

Was looking for a knife that has a thin trailing handle, like a Kershaw lightyear or a Spyderco Yojimbo, would like something EDCable

Pendleton Lite Hunter's sheath sucks. It pushes the blade out, so at the best case scenario you will lose your knife. I'd recommend paying a bit more and purchasing Finn Hawk – better sheath retention and rubberized handle. Or be ready to get leather/kydex sheath for Pendleton Lite Hunter.

HI DAVID! I heard that I should not store my blades in the (leather/kydex) sheath. What's up with that?

A.G. Russell Goldfield bowie is a 6 inch knife that weighs 4.5 ounces! By far my new favorite pack knife!

I would have expected the Spyderco Bow River in this list: light enough (for me), nice leather sheath, nice handle, thin enough, full flat grind, very slicy – in my opinion something like the perfect picnic knife.
Otherwise, I would go with the Opinel …

As a knife fan, I loves Davids videos, he explains everything perfectly and the video quality is excellent, so thanks and keep up the good work.

pro tip for the SAK: replace the toothpick with a tortoise firefly firesteel! It's a mini firesteel that is specificaly made to replace the toothpick on a SAK.

DCA killing it once again with all the variety, I have a Mora Companion that I really like. It fits so well in my hand! Definitely want to get a Dozier!✌️

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