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CRKT Pilar 3 Folding Knife – Overview and Review – WAY Better!

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16 replies on “CRKT Pilar 3 Folding Knife – Overview and Review – WAY Better!”

I have this one in D2. First time i tried closing it it bit me. Funny thing is today i handed it to a friend and the exact same thing happened to him. Still absolutely love this knife

Knife companies, take notes.
Put recessed/countersunk screws on a deep carry pocket clip and don't make them so stout.
(I'm looking at you, Kizer Begleiter, the near perfect EDC knife that has one of the worst pocket clips I've ever seen)

I really like the blade shape, but as a lefty, a frame lock is a no-go for me. This is definitely not a lefty-friendly knife 🙁

I was comparing this one vs the new kershaw Turismo. This one definitely wins for me. The pocket clip is done so much better. The ergos are better too. My only complain is i wish it had g10 on both sides

What are your thoughts on companies (CRKT for example) that make dirt-cheap gas-station garbage, but then produce high-end product too? I'm thinking WE/Civivi, Artisan/CJRB, Acura/Honda, Lexux/Toyota, etc is a better approach. I see Kershaw and wonder, as I do with CRKT, if I splurge do I get stepped up quality or? Love your show, thanks for all the fun content.

I wasn't interested in the Pilar 1 or 2. Now version 3 comes along and as soon as I see it right away I am interested. After watching several reviews I have determined this is a knife I need to get. Thanks for sharing the knife and your opinion.

Great job crkt, I still won't buy one but good job. Finally picking up on what others have done for years in terms of quality and blade steel.

I've been looking for nice knives that are smaller for work (new rules about "weapons"). I like this. Definitely going to have to get one.

I've had my D2 Pilar III for about three weeks now and it's easily my favorite EDC knife—fun to flick, great action, great ergos, great pocket clip. Vox nailed it with this one.

Have all 3 versions of the Pilar and this newest model so far has impressed the heck out of me. So far it hasn’t left my pocket for the 2 weeks I’ve had it. The blade shape, size, and action are great for the cost. Can’t wait to see future changes to the Pilar 3. Pretty sure there will be titanium scales and color variations. Glad they’re doing justice for the designer.

dammit, I want one. I am boycotting knives made in mainland China, but it keeps getting harder and harder to do

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