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SOL Scout Survival Kit Quick Review. An inexpensive kit that has potential!

Is the SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Scout Survival Kit worth buying for $25? I think it is! Right out of the package, it is more than capable of seeing you through a night or 2 if you get into a pinch. With just a couple of easy additions, it becomes even more versatile. In this video I take a look at the items included and show you what could be added to make this kit better! I give this little kit a 7 out of 10 when it comes to off the shelf pocket sized survival kits!

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SOL Scout Survival Kit:

Ka-Bar Piggyback Knife:

AquaTab Water Purification Tabs:

SOL Survival Blanket:

SOL Tinder Quick:

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5 replies on “SOL Scout Survival Kit Quick Review. An inexpensive kit that has potential!”

That is a decent starter kit. Before these were sold I built something like this 15 years ago lol. I used the UST tube tarp which I though was cool since you zip it up and could stay off the ground if it was damp with that design. I still have it but I use a rip stop nylon tarp that is less weight and more packable.

Awesome little kit to get someone started. As you said, still needs a blade. Nice review bud!! Cheers

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