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Outdoor Edge 3.5" Onyx EDC Folding Knife – Overview and Review

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16 replies on “Outdoor Edge 3.5" Onyx EDC Folding Knife – Overview and Review”

As someone who has been hunting basically my whole life I don't see the need. It maybe OK for people that aren't really into knives that dont sharpen. I still think there are better options. For years I used a buck 110 for hunting without any issue on bear, deer, coon, coyote, squirrels, rabbit and everything else . Now I use a microtech mini socom alpha fixed blade.

I don’t even cut cardboard with mine, just packing tape or feed bags. Just too cheap to buy a good blade, although I admire better knives.

You are right to bash this cheap knife (it is cheap) however i could say the same thing about some more expensive knives.
Recently i purchased my first microtec combat troodon (i got it in the mail 2 days ago) and i can tell you it was a disappointment.
1st the blade was dull.
2nd the switch is meant to be used with gloves on. (ouch my thumbs)
The size of the handle was good though but i expected better for an old brand with so much hype behind it.
Thanks for the video

I would never skin an animal with this blade, as I would be far too likely to hit that blade-release with my thumb, but I can see this replacing a box-cutter that uses cheap razor blades. But, this is a "no" from me, and I suspect most knife aficionados, because it's more a utility blade designed for workshops rather than EDCing.

I sharpened one of these for someone at work once. I thought it was really weird, and cheap feeling. I think buying the rat 1 or 2 would be better money spent.

My first EDC (a CRKT) was a gigantic chunk of 420J2 steel. I never had to repair the blade beyond perpetual sharpening. I used to keep a knife like this one in a hunting kit, but I rarely hunt anymore and it just rusted in the bag between uses. Take care, man. It sounds like the cough has finally gone away.

Replaceable blades tell me 2 things: box cutter, and/or lazy. Just learn to resharpen and don’t waste so much stuff. Throw away culture is just whack.
Besides that, it’s just ugly man. I would not be able to bring myself to carry this.

My Brother in law is an avid hunter and he swears by this knife to have a sharp blade available on the cheap.

I have that one and the bigger one with the rubbery grip love the fact you never have to sharpen them pop the blade put a new one on and go

These knives are fantastic for tasks I wouldn't want to use a nice knife on. They are amazing shop knives

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