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CKF Rotten Design Evo Comparison Knife Review

CKF Rotten Design Evo Comparison Knife Review

Comparing and discussing the latest Evolution 2.0 to the original Evolution from CKF. I’ll walk through the specs along with size comparisons and generally discuss the aspects of these pieces.

Thanks to Tim for sending this in.

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12 replies on “CKF Rotten Design Evo Comparison Knife Review”

I amnso glade you got to experience these. The Evo is my grail and am so happy I have one in the collection.

Those two knives are like the hot sisters you are perplexed about… you know where I'm going with that

Oh yea!! Those are so nice! Really like the blade shape & everything else! You know I love CF too! Remember I suggested a Carbon Fiber Friday once a month & you could school us in the intricacies of CF. πŸ˜βš”οΈπŸ€ŸπŸ»

These are a pair of sumptuous looking knives, they have that something special that sets them apart from a lot of offerings out there! Thanks for the review

I feel like by the time I find out a CKF knife exists, it’s gone. Lol. It’s almost to the point where I prepare for feelings of disappointment and sadness when I see a new CKF video.

These look like what I would do to a Strider if I could customize one to my tastes. Here come those feelings of sadness…

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