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What's Inside This $250 Amazon Survival Kit?

Emergency Zone Stealth Tactical 2 Person Bug-Out Bag –

🔥Survival Kit Gear Breakdown🔥
1x Tactical Backpack
1x Heavy Duty Zip Bag
2x Large Nylon Bags

🔥Food & Water🔥
2x 3600 kcal Food Bars
12x 4.2 oz Water Pouch
1x 1L BPA-Free Tritan Bottle
2x 1L Folding Water Container
10x Chlor-Floc Water Purification Pouches
1x Hydration Bladder for Backpack
2x 2L Water Bags

🔥Shelter and Warmth🔥
1x 2 Person Dome Tent
2x Vinyl Poncho
2x HeatStore Sleeping Bag
8x Hand Warmers

🔥Hygiene & Sanitation🔥
2x Toothbrushes
1x Toothpaste
1x Comb
1x Razor
1x Shaving Cream
4x Shampoo
1x Soap Bar
2x Feminine Pads
1x Washcloth
1x Small Sewing Kit
1x Biohazard Bag
1x Roll of 12 Toilet Liners
1x Roll of Toilet Paper

🔥First Aid🔥
1x 175 Piece First Aid Kit (my recommendation)
1x Stethoscope

🔥Survival Gear🔥
1x Multitool Pliers (my recommendation)
1x Folding Saw (my recommendation)
1x 5-in-1 Whistle
1x Roll of Duct Tape
1x Work Gloves
1x Playing Cards
1x 5mm Rope
1x Compass
1x GI Can Opener
1x Self Defense Key chain
1x Survival Knife (my recommendation) Morakniv Companion
1x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook
1x Pencil

🔥Light & Communication🔥
1x Dynamo Radio Flashlight (my recommendation)
1x 9 LED Compact Flashlight (my recommendation)
2x Lightsticks

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25 replies on “What's Inside This $250 Amazon Survival Kit?”

I'd bet dimes to dollars the peeps giving you grief about the pocket manual have never been under any real stress in the first place.

"Has a little mirror inside, not sure what that's for…" Are you an idiot? Any flash of light will get attention from someone on SAR. "There's something inside of there.." It's fucking WHISTLE you moron. They have balls inside that bounce inside the open area to make the tweedle sound, if you had the lung capacity to actually BLOW on on it like you're supposed to.

Not bad for a citit. But also sounds like you need to research a lot more about survival and what tools are. Come on man. You don't know what a mirror is for? Or what these bags are for. And wow. Kind of a lot to say and seems over priced for what you get.

The whistle was a match holder. Better to use the content list and build your own kit with better quality items.

If the guy giving the review on a survival kit doesn't know a p-38 when he sees one you gotta question his credibility?

Stethoscope. If you know what you are listening for, there are field expedient techniques to handle some major issues. For example Sucking Chest wound or collapsed lung (no sound on one side), lay them on that side so gravity will help reduce the displacement, and determine more advance treatments (if qualified). Heart arrhythmias, if it don't sound right, you may was to stop what you are doing, and try to get help. Of course, without a BP cuff, you can't assess blood pressure, other than using advanced knowledge. They do have some more nefarious and covert uses.
Black rod, Self defense weapon (If you know how to use it), maybe glass breaker.
Yes that was a can opener.
Knife, Standard mini-RAMBO-POS
Definitely needs a fire starter. Those few matches just wouldn't do it.

The mirror on the whistle allows you to signal to rescuers by reflecting sunlight. Even airplanes or helicopters can see the reflection but they wouldn't be able to hear the whistle.

The first aid kit is actually standing out because the other bags are red so a black bag is standing out in contrast to them. A person needs at least ½ gallon of water per day to stay fully hydrated.

The only time I can think to use a stethoscope is if trapped in a building and trying to listen for rescue or during search of blocked building for sounds of life. pass that ditch it if you have to travel.

This is a decent starting point for an emergency kit, i do have to say. Agree that the stethoscope would be useless for me, but definitely seems like they are focused on emergency situations like going to a Red Cross shelter or being in ur home, so maybe thats why they skimped on fire?

I would be interested to see if u could build ur own kit for similar money or even just upgrade choices u would make for some of the cheaper items (knife, multi-tool, whistle, saw, etc)

Love the red and clear storage bag . In my kit I use the heavy clear vinyl bags you get when you buy sheet sets, I never throw them away . Not only for packs in video I also use them to store items in my closet . Dollar tree also sells very large ziploc bags to store clothes in addition to the regular ziploc food bags from snack size up to 2 gallons . Old adage “ a place for everything and everything in its place “

A water filter some fire kit a metal pot some meds . A good knife . All would make that kit better

so im about 25 min into the video and this bug out bag seems like its bs. everything seems cheap. its definitely better than nothing but i would rather have reliable stuff when it comes to bugging out even if its only for 1 night. id say your better off getting your own backpack and hand selecting what you do and do not put in the bag

You spend too much time talking about every item…you say things that arent necessary, starts to get boring.

Hay bud I am in VA close to the boarder! What part of MD are you in? See your flag and just wondering?

His review is not bad. Lots of helpful info to incorporate into your own bag or to look for more high quality products. I dont understand why the hate comments on here. I wont buy the backpack itself because its too pricey not to mention some of the items look like dollar store quality. I can add multiples of the same item in my own bag such as the pads, tampons stuff. Women menstruate usually 5-7 days. 2 pads barely covers a full days worth of feminine care. His also right about hygiene. Many pack food, survival tools, flashlights but many dont consider that hygiene such as handwashing with soap is crucial in preventing contamination of food or after using a restroom. Is one going to be eating their mre or performing first aid with dirty hands?

You know I can't hate on kits like this. I know they're overpriced with a lot of junk equipment but it was a kit like this that got me into prepping. It was my gateway drug. lol.

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