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SHAN ZU GYO DAMASCUS Chef Knife review

Today I’m going to review for you this fantastic chef knife with 67 layers of Damascus Steel with high carbon content. Let us know what you think about it ; )

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7 replies on “SHAN ZU GYO DAMASCUS Chef Knife review”

Very fine knife, and good review.
I was also expecting to see how this knife cuts pork and chicken skin from top.

I own a pairing knife, 8in hammered chef knife and another 8in knife with a round tip and almost straight edge all Damascus steel made by shanzuchef and I am very impressed with quality of these knifes. Just make sure to Google a coupon code and order directly from shanzuchef website to get up to 30 percent discount making these 100 doller knifes cost 70 bucks!!!!! They use 3 German steels of high quality and can compare to Japanese knifes of 150 dollers… you most definitely can buy a better made knife but it will cost alot more. If you are like me and are a at home chef then this is a great value for the quality and price. I would even recommend it to places where you are rough with your knifes because of how cheap they are and easily replaced if need be. These are great for learning about what makes a quality knife and how to handle one before investing heavily in the best of the best.

I love apple pie so i made with brown sugar and also try to be BIO.
Is any possibility for you to have a video with apple pie please ?
Thank you

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